23-Year-Old Ludhiana Girl Consumes Poison Over Sexually Harassment By Neighbour

Ludhiana’s 23-year-old girl was sexually harassed and later ended her life. The 23-year-old was harassed in Sahnewal (A Nagar panchayat in Ludhiana) by her neighbour. The neighbour is a 22-year-old guy and works as an employee in a factory.

The 23-year-old’s husband said that he and his father went to the market to buy medicines at around 8:30 pm. His mother was also not home as she said gone to attend a funeral near their home in Sahnewal (A Nagar panchayat in Ludhiana).

Neighbour Forcefully Enters Home And Assaults The Girl 

The husband of the 23-year-old girl said that she called him when he and his had gone to the market to buy medicines. She called on his mobile phone and said that the neighbour forcefully entered the house and tried to sexually assault her.

After receiving a phone call, the 23-year-old girl’s husband rushed back to home and found that his wife was lying in an unconscious condition. The family members rushed the 23-year-old to a private hospital in Doraha after they saw that she had consumed poison.

22-Year-Old in Ludhiana Booked For Accusing And Harassing 

The 23-year-old consumed poison and died on Saturday afternoon. The Sahnewal police were immediately informed about the incident and they reached the spot, started their investigation. The Sahnewal police have booked the 22-year-old guy under the Section 306 (Abetment to suicide) of the Indian Penal Code.

The investigating officer assistant sub-inspector at the Sahnewal police station said that the 22-year-old was on a run and they were trying to arrest him. As per the investigation, the police found out that the 23-year-old girl took celphos. However, the police are waiting for the post-mortem reports to determine the exact cause of her death.

A police officer said that the 23-year-old girl and her husband got married six years ago when she was 17. Her husband told the police that her wife had been accused many times by her neighbour in the past.

Source: The Times Of India



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