Ludhiana | A Married Rape Victim Attempts Suicide By Jumping Over Bridge

Ludhiana is seeing more crimes these days. It could have been another suicide case in Ludhiana if two youngsters did not stop a young married girl from taking such an extreme step. The married girl was mentally frustrated as the Ludhiana police did not take any action against the rape complaint filed by her.

The Girl Was About To Commit Suicide

The 19-year-old married girl attempted to commit suicide on the Civil Lines flyover (Old Lakkar Bridge) in Ludhiana city. Two youngsters who were crossing the flyover stopped her from committing suicide. The two youngsters said that the 19-year-old girl told them that the police was not taking an action on her complaint due to which she wanted to commit suicide.

The Rape Case

The 19-year-old girl was raped for the second time by her husband and two of his brothers. The girl said that police did not pay heed to her rape complaint. When she was raped for the first time, the case was compromised and the main accused agreed to marry the 19-year-old.

The main reason that she wanted to commit suicide was that she was mentally harassed and the police also were not ready to help her out.

The incident happened on the bridge at around 3 Pm and a lot of drama was witnessed on the bridge as people gathered to enquire about the matter.

No Action Was Taken By The Police

The 19-year-old said that the police did not take any action upon her repeated requests. She had met the senior police officials, Police Commissioner, SHO, women cell officials in Ludhiana but no one helped in getting justice.

The 19-year-old’s mother was extremely annoyed as the senior police officials had been taking their complaint for granted. She said that they both had gone to the police station several times but the senior officials used to make false promises to them. Her mother also said that they went to the Women cell office to know the status of their complaint but no police official gave them a clear picture of the complaint.

As published in news, the officer of Women Cell said that the girl had lodged a complaint and the investigation regarding the complaint was in process. The Police Commissioner said that he was not aware of the matter and assured that he would get the matter enquired.

The Girl’s Heart-Breaking Situation

The girl said that she was raped last year in February by two brothers and a case was registered against them. Out of the two brothers, one of them agreed to tie knot with her on the condition that she will take the case back.

She married him in November 2016 and after the marriage, he was sent back to the jail. She said the boy and his father refused to keep her at their home the day the FIR was cancelled. She was asked to bring Rs. 10 lakh in cash by the boy and his father.

Her husband took her to the factory in January this year where two of his brothers were also present. Later, she was forced by her husband to consume alcohol and then her husband and his brother raped her. The girl is helpless as she was videotaped by her husband and his brother and now they are blackmailing her.  

Image Source = Tribune India


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