Ludhiana Plastic Factory Collapses After Catching Fire, Kills 10 With More People Still Trapped | Live Video

In a saddening incident in Ludhiana Monday morning, a plastic factory caught fire and collapsed a few hours later. The plastic factory by the name of Amarson Polymers was located in the Industrial Area of the city near Suffiana chowk, Ludhiana. The building collapsed when the firemen were trying to set off the fire with the help of pressurised water hoses. As much as 15 people were trapped under the debris of which 10 bodies have been recovered and a few people still to be rescued from the Ludhiana building.

What actually happened at the Amarson Polymers Factory in Ludhiana?

Fire broke out at the Amarson Polymers factory near the Suffiana Chowk of Ludhiana early Monday morning. The building collapsed four hours later when the firemen were putting off the fire with the help of pressurised water hose. As much as 15 people were trapped under the debris of the building. The NDRF and Army personnel along with the fire department under a joint operation were successful in rescuing two people who are being treated in a hospital in Ludhiana.

Ten bodies have also been recovered at the time of writing and a few more are still feared trapped under the debris. The majority of the men were fire officers who were trying to set off the fire in the Ludhiana building. The witnesses claim they heard a loud explosion after the majority of fire was already set off which led to the building being collapsed. Sources hint at a explosive chemical being present in the plastic factory of Ludhiana.

What is the current situation at the Ludhiana building?

The rescue operation is still underway and 10 people have been officially declared dead by the authorities at the Ludhiana factory. The NDRF and the Army are trying to rescue around 5 more people who are believed to be under the debris and the Ambulance is put at hold at the spot to offer immediate help.

Ludhiana Officials also told there was also a possibility of other adjoining buildings weakening from the base which could be a huge threat as well. Punjab Chief Minister expressed shock and told he was saddened to hear about the Ludhiana incident.

Source: Nyooz

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