Ludhiana | Seven-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped, Raped & Thrown Outside City in a Critical Condition

Ludhiana | The world is getting crueller day by day and more criminal cases are being reported from Ludhiana. Who would have thought a seven-year-old girl who’s in an age of toys and teddies would become a victim of rape.

On Wednesday evening, a seven-year-old girl was first kidnapped from outside her house, raped at an isolated place and thrown at Mullanpur bus stand in a critical condition. The seven-year-old is a daughter of an auto driver and was spotted by a group of students. The area’s CCTV has captured the images of the accused and the police have started the hunt.

How The Incident Happened

The seven-year-old’s father told the police that his two daughters were playing outside their house in Ludhiana during afternoon. His wife had gone to Bihar and the daughters were alone at home as he left for work. A biker came in the afternoon and asked the elder daughter to accompany him by saying that his father was calling her. The man also gave 10 Rs. to the younger girl before taking her away.

The police said that the nursing students of a local college saw the seven-year-old girl lying on the road. After seeing the girl in a miserable condition, the students rushed her to the civil hospital in Sudhar. The girl was further rushed to Ludhiana civil hospital when her condition worsened. A case has been registered against the man under section 366 A (procuration of a minor girl), 376(rape), Section 4 of the protection of children from sexual offenses act of the Indian Penal Code at the Sarabha Nagar police station.

The Hunt For The Man Is On

The SHO said that they have seen the footage of the CCTV cameras which are installed in that area at Ludhiana. As per the CCTV footage, the man looks around 40 years old and has a beard. The condition of the seven-year-old girl is stable now.

The PCR teams in Ludhiana have started the investigation and are showing the pictures of the accused to the people of different areas. The accused’s face was uncovered and is yet to be identified. The police said that his bike’s number is not visible in the CCTV footage.

The police have posted pictures of the accused on social media. The Ludhiana police posted a message on their Facebook page saying that the person is a rapist and is involved in a rape case of a minor girl.

They also wrote that the person is missing and is on the wanted list. The Ludhiana police have asked to circulate his pictures to as many people as possible. The police suspect that there could be a possibility that man is a habitual offender.

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