Luxury Trains Between Chandigarh & Delhi are Coming to Make Your Journey all Different

We know that the fastest, most comfortable and probably the best train between Chandigarh and New Delhi is the Shatabdi. However, there’s something that is all set to beat the comfort as well as the speed of Shatabdi between the two cities. This something – called as Tejas trains would soon be running on Chandigarh – New Delhi track and they’ll give you a feel of luxury.

If you have ever traveled in Shatabdi or any other train between Chandigarh and New Delhi, this news should excite you because these Tejas trains between the 2 cities will make your experience a wonderful one. Those who are not aware, what a luxury train exactly is, must know that luxury trains are special trains which are equipped with all the modern features and facilities to make the journey luxurious and comfortable. Besides, ease and convenience, you can have peace of mind that you are secure enough because the train staff is always around to help the passengers with their needs. Yes, that’s just 1 feature of Tejas, read on to know the major features of Tejas trains that will be running between Chandigarh & New Delhi.

Highlights of Luxury Train:

Some features of the Tejas trains that will run on Chandigarh – New Delhi track have been listed below:

  • These trains will run at the speed of 130 Kmph.
  • These are the first trains that will have CCTV cameras installed in coaches.
  • Each coach will have a fire and smoke detection system.
  • The doors of Tejas trains will be fully automatic. They’ll open up when the train halts on platform.
  • Comfortable Seating with enhanced upholstery and cushioning.
  • On-Board wi-fi. Yes, these trains will have wi-fi for your entire journey.
  • LED lighting system with flexible reading lights.
  • Bio Vacuum toilets equipped with flushing system.
  • Hand dryers and sensitized taps in washrooms.

When are these trains coming?

The most premium brand of Indian railways – “Tejas” is most likely to be commissioned in February 2017 and the good news is that Chandigarh – New Delhi railway track is one track where these luxurious trains would run.

The rakes are being built at Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala and the design is almost final. Authorities have worked on the color scheme and the interiors of the train to make it all different.

In the past, train travel used to be a harrowing experience with the lack of even basic standards. But with the start of luxury trains between Chandigarh – Delhi, train travel would become much more comfortable and luxurious.

But remember that a ticket in this train would be much costlier than Chandigarh – New Delhi Shatabdi!

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