Chandigarh | Maggot Infested Body of Teen Girl Found in Sector 69

Chandigarh has lost its title of being the safest city in India since it has been evidencing tragedies. The city that once was home to peace has now turned upside down. The incidents of rapes, murders, thefts, acid attacks etc have been reported from various parts of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. Recently, a dead body of a teen girl was found in the sector 69, Mohali.

Dead Teen Girl Found in Chandigarh-Mohali

On 14th November a dead 17-year-old girl was found in the bushes near sector 69, Mohali. Evidently, the dead body found was recognized as the girl who was reported missing from last 5 days. The body found was completely infested by the Magoots and the face was smashed badly. According to the sources and media reports the body was found hidden behind the bushes in front of the Mayo Hospital, Chandigarh by the tea stall owner. The body found was identified as ‘Jyoti’ who was missing since 9th November 2017. Jyoti was found dead around 4:00 PM on 14th November 2017, when the tea stall owner accidentally discovered the body.

According to the Chandigarh police reports the body was extremely damaged. The face was smashed to hide the Identity. Also, there were stabbing wounds in the abdomen. The girl who was found dead worked in a house as a helper in Sector 69, Mohali. Also, as per the sources, the tea stall owner said he found the dead body due to the foul smell coming from bushes where he evidently went to answer nature’s call.

It was 5 days since the complaint was filed regarding the missing girl and now a soul has been lost. There is no clue who the murderer is and Jyoti is now never coming back. This is not the first such case in Chandigarh. Recently, the safety of women and girls has been becoming a rising concern among the folks of Chandigarh. The attacker tried his best to conceal the identity of the body and is still in the wind. We hope they catch Jyoti’s killer soon and put one murderer off the streets of Chandigarh. Raising thefts, murders, rapes, and attacks is not a good sign of progress and Chandigarh Police and Administration should do something regarding the girl’s safety and Safety of Chandigarh.

Source – Tribune 


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