Mahabhratha Movie | Rs. 1000 Crore Investment & Everything You’d Like to Know

Mahabharata will be Bollywood’s most expensive movie ever made. You might have heard about Rs. 1000 Crore investment that has been made by  UAE businessman who is a producer of Mahabharat movie.

Mahabharat is one of the first-of-its-kind mega series on the Indian television that was based on the Hindu mythology. And now, we’ll be having a movie on Mahabharata. The TV series was a massive hit and totally changed the perception of televising industry. The movie Mahabharat is also expected to be the biggest ever blockbuster of Bollywood.

Producer of Mahabharat movie & Rs 1000 crore investment

We have always read that history repeats itself, but we will soon see it happen. A Dubai-based Indian businessman is ready to invest Rs 1000 crore to make the movie Mahabharat. He wants to bring the ancient Sanskrit epic to the silver screen as a multilingual film. The magnum opus will be backed by a serial entrepreneur, B R Shetty and will be directed by an ad guru, V A Shrikumar Menon.

B R Shetty is the Founder and Chairman of UAE Exchange and NMC Healthcare. He believes that the movie Mahabharat will set a benchmark among Indian and global film makers and will be dubbed in over 100 languages to reach larger masses across the world.

Mahabharata Movie Shooting Schedule & Release Date 

Though the releasing date for the movie Mahabharat is not yet decided but according to Bollywood insiders, Mahabharat is likely to hit the theatres by the year 2020.

The shooting for Mahabharat movie will be floored by September 2018 in two different phases. The movie will be made in Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam while it will also be dubbed in other different foreign languages.

Cast, Crew & Story of Mahabharat movie

The movie Mahabharata will be based upon Randamoozham which is a novel written by MT Vasudevan Nair. In the novel, the story of Mahabharata is told as seen through the eyes of Bheema, one of Pandavas.

The Mahabharat movie will be one of the most expensive ones that will cost a whopping price of Rs 1000 crore. The cast and crew for the movie will be the amalgamation of best of Indian and global artists. Best sound quality, best graphics, and VFX will be the USP of this epic drama.

Though there will be no comparison of Mohanlal’s Mahabharat adaptation as a movie with the television serial but the audience will be anxious to see the massive rendition of an ancient epic on the silver screen soon.

It is said that the movie will feature the best actors who have won oscar awards in the past. Now keep guessing.


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