Maharashtra Seeks Legal Opinion On Banning Dance Bars After SC Contempt

The Maharashtra government despite getting a contempt notice from Supreme Court seems to be well determined for continuing with the ban on dance bars. The state government is also thinking to bring a bill for banning of dance bars in the upcoming monsoon session. The next monsoon session of Assembly is going to begin from June 2, 2018.

The Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil said while defending his decision, that the state government and people want to continue with the ban on dance bars. People want to continue the ban on dance bars as they have a negative impact on society. The Maharashtra state government has asked for a legal opinion from law & judiciary department.

Maharashtra Government not complied with SC notice on Dance Bars

Supreme Court issued a notice to the Maharashtra government after accepting the petition filed by Indian Restaurant and Bar Association. The Apex Court sent the notice saying that the Maharashtra govt does not comply with its July 2013 notice. The top court asked in the notice that why the dance bar licenses were not processed despite the lifting of the ban.

The Supreme Court upheld the 2006 verdict of Bombay High Court that quashed the decision to ban dance bars in Maharashtra. The Court said that a complete ban on women dancing in bars for sake of women safety is an overreaction. This reflects lack of thinking to look for feasible alternatives. The banning of dance bars also affects the income of dance girls and women working in dance bars.

Maharashtra Government Uncertain on Banning of Dance Bars

Leader of the Opposition in state Legislative Council, Vinod Tawde, said that the renewed efforts for banning of dance bars was an attempt for extorting money from owners of dance bars. The upcoming monsoon session will be the Congress government’s last session before the state elections. If the Maharashtra government is serious about banning the dance bars, this will be the last chance to bring it in the legislation. But keeping in view the time left the pressure of Supreme court on the government with the issuance of contempt notice, there is uncertainty over the government’s decision to actually ban the dance bars.



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