Mahesh Bhatt Launches a Book On Cancer Survivors at Fortis Mohali

Noted filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt unveiled a book titled ‘CanSurvive – Inspiring Stories of Those who Beat Cancer’ at Fortis Cancer Institute here in Mohali today. The book features inspiring stories of 13 cancer survivors and their families who were present on the occasion.

What CanSurvive Book Offers

The book encapsulates stories of the patients, diagnosed with advanced stage cancer, who fought a brave battle with the dreaded disease with grit and determination. It underlines the strong supporting role played by their family and unique line of treatment adopted by the treating doctors.  Each of these cases was distinctive in terms of a clinical challenge it posed. The paperback edition of the book will be distributed free of cost. The e-book is available for free download from the Fortis Healthcare website.

After launching the book, Mahesh Bhatt said, “This is a commendable initiative to highlight how these brave-hearts put up a glowing fight against this dreaded menace & won. While it is important to acknowledge the clear and present danger of cancer lurking in our lives today, it is vital that we don’t lose our hearts and fight against cancer. The inspirational tales written in this book will surely help us embolden our determination to put up a brave fight against cancer.”

The veteran director & filmmaker also wrote a foreword in the book. He shared his experience when Ayaan, his grand-nephew & young son of leading actor Emraan Hashmi, was diagnosed with cancer. Bhatt added that Ayaan’s story has an exhilarating, happy ending. The book has innumerable inspiring stories of those who triumphed over cancer, with courage and dignity and have generously shared their most personal experiences with the rest of the world.

The book is looked upon as an inspiration to all cancer patients and to their families. The moving stories of the survivors, along with their entire support system, is a true reflection of the human spirit to keep fighting even when the chips are down. The hospital intends to make it an annual initiative so that more such stories inspire people to keep up the fight against cancer.

The event was graced by Dr Gurbir Singh, Regional Medical Director (North & East), Fortis Healthcare; Dr Rajeev Bedi, Director, Medical Oncology, Fortis Cancer Institute and Abhijit Singh, Facility Director, Fortis Mohali.


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