Mahindra Has Got 3 Premium Electric Car Models in Pipeline for India | Check Details

Mahindra, India’s one of the largest home grown car manufacturers has been famous for its SUVs in the country so far but with India supposedly becoming an all electric car market by 2030, it has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Mahindra and Tata have been on the forefront of the EV car segment in the market and according to latest reports Mahindra has already started working on three premium electric cars for India.

Mahindra Readying Three New Premium Electric Cars For India

Mahindra and Tata have been in the news for acquiring the order of electric vehicles from the EESL but the car being delivered to the EESL is the Mahindra E-Verito which has a driving range of just about 125 kilometres. Word is that the company is developing high performance electric vehicles with a range upwards of 350-400 kilometres. The electric motor in these cars will ensure a top speed of 164-181 kilometres per hour and a 0-100 figure of 8-10 seconds.

Mahindra has its hands full at the moment with the electric versions of the Mahindra KUV 100, Scorpio and the XUV 500 which have already been spied testing on Indian roads. It is highly unlikely that the above-mentioned power figures are from these cars and most likely belong to the Aero and Halo concepts shown by the company before. Mahindra is also working on reducing the charge times of the batteries of these cars and is confident that the charge time has been reduced by up to 27%.

Mahindra already has electric cars like E2O Plus and the Mahindra E-Verito

Mahindra E2O Plus and the Mahindra E-Verito are already available in the Indian car market but have failed to get the attention of the Indian car buyer. This is largely due to the fact that the cost of the electric motor in these cars is very high and hence cars like E2O Plus end up with a price of 7.5 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

However, Mahindra is positive that the cost of developing electric motors will go down in the coming years and it will be more affordable to own an electric vehicle in future. Mahindra is also working on high-density batteries itself which come with seven times more pack energy capacity.

Source: Times Of India

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