Main School Rules and Dress Code

Almost all the schools around the world have strict rules about their dress code and students’ behavior. Some of the cities in Europe, America, and other countries have a special uniform that requires wearing a blouse with a skirt for girls and shirt and pants for boys, yet, most of the time you’re free to wear what you want. In terms of the given rules, of course. As much as some students struggle to show their inner self with those requirements, it’s important to follow everything your teacher or professor says not to get into detention. So what are the simple dress code rules in schools nowadays?

Modern dress code in schools

  • Skirts and shorts should be longer than the point of student’s fingertips when they straighten their arms down their sides. That’s a general rule for girls. Boys, though, need to wear their shorts long, down to their knees. Moreover, some school rules say that you need to have tights or leggings on under said pieces of clothing.
  • You can’t wear any top that exposes your stomach, sides, shoulders and bra straps, it’s considered too opened and might be labeled as “summer beach clothing”.
  • Pajamas are not allowed for different reasons. First of all, they can be labeled as baggy clothing. Then, the top can be too provocative or the whole set might be too see-through and so provocative for education wear.
  • Vulgar apparel with depictions, drawing, and words including vulgarity are not allowed in school. The same goes out to gang-related clothing.
  • Distracting clothing is prohibited.  So if you plan to write high school essays for money about dress code rules you should know that it’s not allowed to wear hats, sunglasses and have piercings in most places.
  • You shouldn’t wear baggy or bulky clothing and it’s not even a matter of fashion now. Professors say that the reason for it is to prevent scholars from hiding weapons or inappropriate material under the coats or in the pants.
  • Shirts should be tucked both into pants for boys and into skirts for girls to perceive a more professional look.
  • Students must have appropriate footwear on that won’t be able to fall off the feet or cause problems during emergencies.

Ridiculous dress code rules in schools

  • We know the basic education rules now and while some of them might be a little confusing for modern teenagers, there are a lot more weird situations happening out there.
  • A girl in Kentucky was sent home for violating dress code – she was exposing her collarbones.
  • While her leggings were completely covered by a top, a girl from Texas was asked to change her bottoms.
  • School in Atlanta is very strict – their principal carried duct tape with her just to tape the holes in ripped jeans her students decided to wear.
  • “No babushkas” is one of the rules appearing in an American school, meaning that you can’t wear headscarves (not scarfs and not hijabs, just babushka).


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