A Major Earthquake Epicentered at Uttarakhand Might Rock North India Soon – As Per Scientists

Uttarakhand is one of the most thronged tourist destinations of India but a recent warning to this ‘Dev Bhoomi’ has shocked everyone. The state who hasn’t recovered from the previously occurred 2013 flash flood due to cloudburst near Kedarnath Shrine is now feeling weak to get slashed by another natural calamity as per the prediction. Recently, Scientists have warned Uttarakhand, that the region may soon face a major hit of earthquake affecting larger areas of the state.

Warnings to Uttarakhand: May face major earthquake soon

This warning by Scientists was given during a two-day national workshop conducted in Dehradun on disaster resilient infrastructure in the Himalayas. The workshop was conducted to highlight the risks and many possibilities of a major earthquake to happen in Uttarakhand. The two days event was attended by the Scientists, Geologists, Officers of the Disaster Management Department of Uttarakhand and other experts who discussed the high probability of seismic tremors to hit the region anytime soon in future.

Here is the tweet shared by ANI with Director, National Centre for Seismology with the warning of the high possibility of a major earthquake in Uttarakhand soon.

The reason behind earthquake warning in Uttarakhand

We all know that no such machinery has been invented till date that can predict an earthquake and its intensity on Richter scale but yes there are many parameters on which it can be concluded that an earthquake will soon hit the particular region. This is why the scientists gathered at Dehradun ‘s event had discussed and warned devastating earthquake in Uttarakhand soon as per their studies.

The scientists believe that in the last 600 years no such major tremor of the earthquake has been witnessed in the entire Uttarakhand belt. The state Uttarakhand falls in the central seismic gap (CSG) that can cause a major earthquake and the state government along with the disaster mitigation agencies are required to build tremor-resilient infrastructure that can take the shocks created by the seismic tremors.

However, the participating Scientists have shown their concern over the high probability of a major seismic event in the region that will result in devastation in Uttarakhand and its nearby areas, but it is now necessary for the state government and the people residing the Uttarakhand to adopt earthquake- resistant building advancements to save the lives of the population.

Source: indiatimes.com


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