Making Stardom Her Choice, Meet Kapilakshi Malhotra, The Actress & a Talent One Can’t Miss Noticing

People say it is not always about the beauty of an individual that helps him/her to get their names imprinted in the elite list of stars in the entertainment and the film industry. There are many who appreciate the talent and the art of the artists more than anything else. But, what if we tell you that we know of a young woman who is not just a beauty par excellence, but also a supreme talent? Well, we are talking about Kapilakshi Malhotra, a 24 year old young and fascinating beauty who is so full of talents that she has already marked her name as a model and also as a compelling actress in the world of entertainment.

However; since the world is facing the wrath of a pandemic, many actors and artists are at home confused about what next they need to do with their careers and how can they hone their acting skills. Malhotra, on the other hand, wants to suggest a few things that one can resort to, to improve upon their acting skills and emerge as a more flourished talent.

• Watch films/series that excites you: This is a great way to hone one’s acting skills at home during a pandemic, says Malhotra. She believes that actors can watch films, series, shows, etc. to understand the psyche of other actors and the layers of the characters they are playing. And, eventually learn how the actor/actress has performed that particular character by getting deeper insights of their emotions.

• Read more books: Even if you are not an avid reader, read anything that can even be slightly interesting to you, suggests Malhotra. Books are a great way to open doors of varied visions of actors. This way, they become better with their imagination skills and this helps actors in expressing their emotions much clearly.

• Watch plays online or re-read old scripts: This acts as an acting training for you. When you re-read your old scripts, you can get the chance to perform that character once again, and try out different expressions or methods which could make you learn the fact that one can perform a character in many unique ways. You can also watch plays online. Watching live performances is the best thing that makes an actor learns the correct acting methods.

This young talent hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan and all she knew as a kid was to become an actor. As a grown-up, she first received many offers as a model and that made her land with opportunities to walk for several renowned designers and gave her the chance to be part of catalogs. Since she knew her goals clearly in life to become an actor; she joined the theatre to sharpen her acting skills. Later, she tried for a Telugu film, and she got selected for the role of a heroine in the film named “Prema Pipasi” that got released this year on March 13. The audiences were spellbound with her performance and this proved her mettle in many ways in the industry.

Malhotra’s next mission is to create a name for herself in Bollywood as well and we can’t wait to see her on the silver screen again.


Ajay Deep

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