Man Held at Chandigarh Int. Airport for Smuggling Gold from Dubai

Customs officer at Chandigarh International Airport held a gold smuggler arriving from Dubai on a direct flight between Chandigarh & Dubai. The smuggler was carrying about 590 gms of solid gold worth Rs 14 Lakh. This much quantity of gold is not allowed and he was trying to smuggle gold by buying it at cheaper prices from Dubai and bringing it to Chandigarh.

“Smuggler converted the gold into small disc-shaped pieces with holes. Coated them with silver and put across the steel case of the two suitcases that he was carrying.”

The Smuggler and The Information

Identified a Mohammad Nawab, the accused is a resident of New Delhi and was bringing gold to his two sisters who are residing in Delhi.

  • Nawab was to be given Rs 8000 by his ‘clients’ for his ‘services’, as told by the sources.
  • The sisters were identified as Faiza Khan and Noorie and came to the airport to collect the gold from Nawab.
  • The sister duo was also rounded up by the Air Intelligence Unit of the Customs Department.
  • The gold was being sent by the elder sister of the women who is from Dubai.
  • The elder sister asked her sisters to collect the gold from Mohammad.

The Custom Investigators were already following Nawab on a given specific information and rounded him up when the Dubai-Mumbai flight landed at the airport in the morning at 10:30 am today.

Special customs check were introduced at Chandigarh International Airport since the time international flights took off from Chandigarh. As of now, there are 2 direct international flight from Chandigarh.

The Other Party in Chandigarh

The sisters seem to have no concern with the accused Mohammad Nawab whatsoever. Nawab was just a third party for them to get the extensive amount of gold and keep them out of the trouble.

While the sisters were waiting to collect the consignment an undercover Custom Officer who acted as Nawab’s friend asked them to come inside to take their suitcases.They were too rounded up inside the airport by the officials and were asked about the details of the consignment.

The legal proceedings will take place against the accused trio under the provisions of Customs Act, 1962.

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