Meet The Man Who Inspired Aamir Khan to Make Dangal

Wrestling legend Mahavir Singh Phogat, a name not mentioned enough by the media, is the man behind the storyline of Aamir Khan starrer ‘Dangal’. The most awaited movie of 2016, Dangal is all set to hit cinemas on 23rd of December.

Idea Behind ‘Dangal’

Mahavir Singh Phogat is a real life superhero who gave India its first 2 women wrestlers. From Haryana, Phogat didn’t raise his 4 daughters like princesses but rather made them confident and trained them to face the realities of life.
Mahavir, a state champion wrestler became a coach to his own daughters and paved a path and trained women in order to win in the ring. With 25 girls as his students, Mr. Phogat opened the way for girls into wrestling. His aim was to empower women in the gender prejudiced state of Haryana. He is willing to train anyone who has a passion to be a wrestler. Unbiased of caste, creed, Mahavir Singh only cares about the passion which is of utmost important in any fight.

An ex-wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat was forced to give up his only dream of winning a gold medal for India in International Wrestling. But life had different plan for Phogat. Due to lack of requisite financial support, Phogat was forced to give up on his dream and decided to train his future son that would represent India in Wrestling.

Shattered dreams made him tough

Once again, luck didn’t favour Mahavir and he was blessed with 4 beautiful baby girls. Frustrated with the twists and turns that god threw in his way, Bhogat is stunned to see his two daughters literally bashing a group of boys during an eve-teasing incident.

Mahavir, then realised that his girls are born with the same talent he was born with. With dreams restored, Mahavir pursued his lifetime goal of transforming his lifelines into world-class wrestlers. Starting his rigorous training sessions at 3 AM in the morning, his daughters were trained along with the village boys. With Mahavir’s dedication and no support, whatsoever, from the state govt, his two daughters, Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari became India’s first female wrestler to win gold and silver medal respectively in 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Biography ‘Akhada’

Summing his entire journey in one book ‘ Akhada’, a biography on Mahavir Singh Bhogat’s life is written by sports journalist Saurabh Duggal. The book starts its story with the birth of the main protagonist, his journey and then the about the phenomenon who gave the gift of wrestling to his daughters.


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