Manali Monsoon: Cloudbursts Trigger Landslides, Flash-floods Blocked Roads in the Region

Landslides, Flashfloods, Cloudbursts, territorial rains have created a havoc in Manali. Cloudburst happened in Dhundi the last village in Solang Valley and 17 Km in Manali on Tuesday night. Two cloudbursts accompanied by hail and thunder has created flood like situation in Dhundi, Manali. A cloudburst washed away the approach road to Rohtang tunnel at two places. Not only this, another cloudburst in Kundagad area, Anni subdivision of Kullu lead to damage of three old houses. Heavy rainfall, flash floods and massive landslides have blocked the roads of the city.

Manali Cloudburst

A cloudburst in Anni (Manali) created flood like situation in the city destroying large swathes of agricultural land. Thunder, storm and heavy rainfall in Anni, Kullu has lead to flood like situations in the city. This lead to damage of three old uninhabited houses. Torrential rains in Kullu district have triggered massive landslides and blocked roads.

Pankaj Sharma- Subdivisional magistrate of Anni said that one house was damaged severely while two other houses were partially affected due to heavy rainfall. He said that stream in the city was also inundated due to torrential rainfall and locals are being provided with support and relief material. He also notified people to stay away from rivers and rivulets as heavy rainfall is predicted in upcoming days.

Landslide in Kullu-Manali

A cloudburst that took place in Dhundi near Manali damaged the Rohtang tunnel approach roads from both sides. The two roads MSP-3 and MSP-7 are completely destroyed due to cloud burst on Tuesday night. The hail and storm in upper areas lead to landslides, heavy flow of water brought down tonnes of debris which damaged the roads. Due to landslides and flowing down of debris all roads are blocked. City avalanche control structure withstood the flood and debris happened to enter the gallery area. Due to the roadblock, the traffic on the road has come to standstill. Though workforce has been deployed by the government to clear the debris early in the morning. MSP-3 road which is about 14km from Manali has been repaired in the morning and ministry has deployed the workers to repair the MSP-7 road. Both these roads lead to the Rohtang tunnel.

Heavy rainfall has been predicted in upcoming days in most parts of Himachal Pradesh. Kullu Lohri road is also blocked due to a landslide that happened in Kotnala. Not only this, Aut Sainj road has also witnessed a landslide. Though in the whole terrific situation there was no loss of life so far. The water level in rivers has highly increased and it is advised that people of Manali and Kullu area stay away from visiting river places.

Source: Times of India


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