100% Hotel Occupancy Rate in Manali (Himachal) is Hampering Tourists

Himachal Pradesh especially Manali is getting all packed up with the huge number of tourists this year. The hotels of Manali region are crammed up with the huge number of tourists and have no more rooms to occupy people. Tourists visiting Manali have no option but to spend their nights in their vehicles because of unavailability of hotel rooms. Hoteliers of Manali are having 100% advance bookings till the end of June. So those who are packing their bags up for Manali Holidays, think again before zipping up.

Vacant Your Thoughts For Manali Vacays

Believe me, guys, if you are thinking of a nice long vacation in Manali surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains, then just abandon that thought right away. Because instead of seeing beautiful Manali landscape from your hotel room you are not going to get any room at all or might not even reach your hotel perhaps. Instead of being surrounded by quaint valleys you’ll be trapped among a huge crowd of people and cars.

The roads of Manali are full of seemingly endless traffic jams that take forever to clear up. Talking about the crowd and jams the hotels of Manali are no different; there are about 1,200 hotels and cottages in the city for tourists and all of them are fully occupied right now. If one hasn’t booked a room in advance before reaching Manali then the person is in trouble as you might have to spend your vacation in your vehicle.

Sleepless In Himachal due to no rooms in hotels

Tourists visiting Manali, Shimla, Kullu and Dharamshala these days are having tough times and rough nights. They have to wait in their vehicles for long hours stuck in frequent traffic jams and are ought to spend their nights in their vehicles due to unavailability of hotel rooms. Tourists from various parts of India come to visit Himachal Pradesh every year and enjoy their time in the valleys of the beautiful state.

Where tourists are having troublesome times during their vacations in Manali, the hoteliers, on the other hand, are rejoicing at the sudden influx of the tourists in their hotels. As there has been a situation of unrest in the Jammu & Kashmir region in the recent months’ people are fleeing towards other regions of Himachal to spend their holidays like Kullu and Manali resulting in overcrowd and traffic jams.

Source: The Tribune

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