Manali-Rohtang Highway Gets 25 New Electric Buses for Tourists

Manali | In a ‘Go Green’ initiative taken up by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), at least 25 new electric buses would ply between the toughest terrain of Manali-Rohtang pass for a smooth running of tourism this season. The limitation on the number of vehicles passing through the Manali-Rohtang highway has been thoughtfully taken care of with the introduction of these electric buses on the route.

Why the Decision?

The Manali-Rohtang pass highway has been the most talked about issue in the town for not having issued a sufficient number of tourist permits in order to maintain the green beauty of the region.The move has been taken fo the following cited reasons:

  • To ensure convenience to the tourists
  • Eco-friendly buses to ensure comfort to visitors
  • To provide relief to the tourists
  • Regularisation of traffic and visitors in the region
  • Ensure smooth running of traffic in the region

Key features of the Move

The salient features of the move that has incorporated electric buses on the route in order to maintain its natural surroundings are listed as follows:

  • Limit the number of vehicles to ensure naturality
  • Arrangement of charging locations on the route
  • Permits available to tourists online
  • High-tech and advanced working system
  • Banning of commercial activities in the area
  • Setting up of eco-friendly market in the region
  • 5 shops out of 20 to start operating this season at Marhi
  • Repairing of road networks
  • Adequate parking arrangements
  • Collection and treatment of garbage
  • Introduction of potable water supply
  • Ensure tourist safety
  • Steps to ensure protection of environment

Go Green!

The move to incorporate electric buses to ply on the most difficult route where even private vehicles get scared to travel has brought a sense of relief to the localities and tourists. The initiative has been well thought by bringing in various departments under one roof to work as team players in the successful execution of the proposal.

Coming forth the departments like Forest Environmental Sciences,┬áHimachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC), National Green Tribunal, Local administration and local police, the team efforts certainly won’t go in vain when they work towards achieving one goal. If that goal is for the welfare of common people, there’s certainly no looking back.

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