Manchester Bomb Blast – 22 Killed, 59 Injured at Ariana Grande’s Concert | Here’s How India Responded

Nearly 22 people died and 59 were injured immediately after attending Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester arena in UK on Monday.

The Manchester blast which is being considered as a “terrorist activity” took place right after the American pop singer Ariana Grande left the stage and finished the concert. When people were about to leave the Manchester arena after the event they heard a sudden blow that shook everyone badly.

The Manchester Blast-Timeline

The attack is being considered as the worst attack after the 2005 London bombing that took the lives of 50 innocents. Till now no terrorist organization has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

The U.S. officials have claimed that the Manchester blast can be the work of suicide bomber.

  • A sudden loud explosion was heard inside the Manchester arena’s foyer right after the concert ended at about 10:35pm (England local time)
  • Almost 21,000 people were attending the concert belonging to middle, young and old age groups
  • Around 19 people were declared dead on the spot with 50 people injured
  • The UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May is going to hold an emergency Cobra meeting to this ‘terror incident’
  • Ariana Grande was declared ‘OK’ after the attack
  • The UK’s PM has suspended her General Election due to the Manchester blast

India’s Response To The Manchester Blast

In case the Indians are hurt during the Manchester blasts on Monday the relatives can reach them at the number 0161 856 9400 issued by Public Response Unit of HCI ASAP for India.

Congress’s Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi strongly condemned the incident. PM Narendra Modi also showed his grief on twitter along with Punjab CM Amarinder Singh for those suffered the most during the Manchester blast

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee also expressed his condolences to those who are affected by the incident in Manchester.

The Gurdwaras in the Manchester were have opened their door for those who need help. The Sikhs are offering free food and shelter for the people who have been injured by the blast at Manchester arena.

Source: IndianExpress, Image – HeraldSun


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