Love Mangoes? Check Out JW Marriott’s Special Mango Fest “Mango May-nia” in Chandigarh

Chandigarh | As summers approach, one thing that catches the fancy of Punjabis like none other is the ‘King of Fruits’, Mango! As the mercury soars with every passing day, so does the love for mangoes. What makes this craving so overwhelming is the prospect of relishing so many irresistibly delectable varieties of mangoes one after the other throughout the summer season.

You can find Punjabi households enjoying mangoes in one way or the other the entire summer. Be it shakes, ice-creams, coolers, condiments or pickles, mango is the flavour of the season. Chandigarh, the nerve centre of Punjab, too, is known for its fondness for mangoes.

Mango May-Nia at JW Marriott, Chandigarh

Knowing that the people of this region simply love mangoes, JW Marriott Chandigarh has decided to organise “Mango May-Nia”, a festival celebrating the magic of mangoes, from May 15 to 31, 2017 at Chandigarh Baking Company (CBC), the deli and patisserie at the hotel. With people here open to experimenting with food, the “Mango May-Nia” at CBC promises to go beyond the popularly known mango dishes.

“The one-of-its-kind menu of ‘Mango May-Nia’, in line with the hotel’s unmatched services and offerings, is a befitting tribute to this majestic fruit and the exclusive gastronomic experience which only CBC can offer,” says Chef Manjul Myne, who has joined as the new pastry Chef at JW Marriott Chandigarh.

Conjuring up magic in his kitchens, Chef Manjul has come out with a menu that uses different varieties of mango and explores like never before the various possibilities that mangoes offer. For “Mango May-Nia”, five kinds of mangoes have been used which includes Alphonso, Safeda, Kesari, Chausa and Sindoori. Right from standalone mango-based offerings to mango-inspired combo meals, the guests at ‘Mango May-Nia’ will be introduced to ways of relishing mangoes which they could never have imagined.

What’s There at JW Marriott’s Mango May-Nia

The guest can choose from a variety of mango-based delicacies like 3 Mango Mille Feuille (V), Ginger and Alphonso Cheese Cake with Leather Mango Cheese Straw, Kesari Macaroons, Fresh Mango Brulee (V), Fresh Mango Tart (V), Vegan Coconut and Mango Pannacotta, Mango and Cardamom Cake with Fresh Safeda, Katcha Aam Granita (V) and the Mango Mess.


Combos to Choose

Coming to the exciting combos, the guests have four interesting delightful options.

Combo 1 offers Grilled Honey Glazed Ham and Mango sandwich + Banana and Coconut Smoothie, serving the unbeatable combination of sweet and savory.

Combo 2 is Vanilla Ice Cream + Fresh Mangoes, which brings together the Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream with the King of Fruits to help you beat the heat this summer.

To satiate the craving of a filling snack, you can pick up combo 3 which offers Roast Chicken Puff + Fresh Mango Shake, serving Moderately Spicy Chicken puffs with creamy cool Mango Shake.

Combo 4 is a fulfilling meal offering Vegetable Club Sandwich + Mango Jalapeno Ice Cream + Mango Smoothie, bringing together slightly peppery Rocket leaves with Vividly Red Plum Tomatoes and Crunchy balsamic onion along with a Spicy Ice Cream.

If all this has left your mouth watering, the innovations in store at “Mango May-Nia’ will trigger your love affair with mangoes all over again.“From amongst the various innovative offerings, the Fresh Mango Brulee stands out,” shares Chef Manjul. The Fresh Mango Brulee is a recipe of Chef Manjul which involves cutting a mango into half, sprinkling brown sugar on top of the mango wedges and torching them with flame. This gives the wedges a solid texture on top caused by the burning brown sugar which you need to knock down with a spoon and eat. The burnt flavour of sugar coupled with the sweetness of mango gives the Fresh Mango Brulee a unique taste.

Some other interesting offerings include the Mango and Cardamom Cake and the Kesari Macaroons. The Mango and Cardamom cake explores a unique pairing of cardamom and mango where the Chef has used Safeda mango which does not lose its shape easily. Guests who are fond of macaroons can try out the Kesari Macaroons which have a tangy Kesari-mango flavoured cream in the centre.

What the chef says

“At ‘Mango May-Nia’, we are serving innovative delicacies and exciting combos, from meals to coolers to snacks and desserts, all based on mangoes.  From cakes, shakes, tarts, sandwiches and puffs to much more, the menu of ‘Mango May-Nia’ offers something for everybody.  Then there are some never-seen-before delicacies, like Fresh Mango Brulee or the Katcha Aam Granita which will tantalise the guests no end,” says Chef Manjul.

You can savour the delectable offerings of “Mango May-Nia” as Ala Carte at Chandigarh Baking Company (CBC), the deli and patisserie at JW Marriott in Sector 35, Chandigarh.


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