Mark Zuckerberg to be Removed as Facebook chairman? Here’s What is Happening

What NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Said

Facebook’s (FB) main stockholders are requesting the exclusion of chief executive officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg as chairman of the panel. The group comprises administrative functionaries as well as public funds. The proposal, which calls for the role of chairman to be made an independent spot, is set to be voted on at the company’s shareholder meeting during May 2019.

Initially, Trillium Asset Management carried the offer forward in the month of June. At this time, the hedge fund is being linked up by New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer plus treasurers from diverse states including Pennsylvania, Illinois and Rhode Island.

What NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Said

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer stated, “Facebook dons a massive role in our culture and our economic system. They boast of a communal and fiscal responsibility to be crystal clear – that’s why we are asking for freedom and responsibility in the firm’s assembly room.”

The offer is witnessed as largely figurative as Mark Zuckerberg possesses widespread control of the panel via majority voting power and although numerous related propositions were brought forward on earlier incidents, none have cleared.

The stockholders trust that the social networking site has a noteworthy role to play in the social order that demands larger accountability, which appears to be lacking in the existing set-up. The group reportedly feels that the management failed to manage the company in the right manner resulting in a number of arguments linked to data confidentiality and vote meddling.

From early on in the year, the social networking site has been hit with scams and safety breaches that have offended the stock and ignited lawsuit troubles for the company in addition. At the last annual stockholders gathering during June 2018, stockholders interrogated the organization over the data misappropriation matter and present numerous proposals comprising transformations to the voting arrangement and extra transparency. All the offers were rejected.

“A self-governing board chair is essential to moving Facebook forward from this muddle, and to rebuild faith with Americans as well as stockholders alike,” Stringer also said.

The suggestion will get voted on the social networking site’s twelve-monthly stakeholder conference during May next year. Let’s see will Mark Zuckerberg remain as Facebook CEO and Chairman or not.


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