Maruti Dzire Tour S to Now Come With CNG Option & an Upper Speed Limit

We worry if the boot space has taken a hit due to the CNG kit in the Maruti Dzire Tour S

Maruti Dzire is one reliable vehicle so much so that it soon became the favourite among the cab operators after its launch in 2008. The trustworthy name tag of Maruti Suzuki coupled with a Fiat-sourced affordable diesel engine meant a little cost of ownership and higher profit ratios for the fleet operator.

The largest passenger car manufacturer in India has recently changed the Maruti Dzire game plan and has started to offer the outgoing models after a facelift strictly for cab owners on a discount of course. After the launch of the third generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire last year the second generation embraced the Tour Tag and now the company is offering a new CNG powertrain exclusive to the Tour S model.

Maruti Dzire Tour S CNG Option:

If reports from some major automobile publications are to be believed then we soon might get to see a CNG option on the second generation of Maruti Dzire which now bears the Tour S tag. Sources claim that the car will be strictly aimed at fleet operators who have been looking elsewhere after the sharp increase In the prices of Diesel in India. The car will get no cosmetic changes however and will retain the overall looks of the Maruti Dzire Tour S.

Coming to the interiors we hear that the Maruti Dzire Tour S CNG will come with a stripped down feature list something which will help the company to price it competitively. Interestingly though the car will also get a speed limiter capped at 80 kilometres per hour. This has been done to comply with the new safety norms that the Indian Government has asked the companies to follow.

This means that no Maruti Dzire owned by a cab operator will be able to exceed a speed of 80 kilometres an hour whether it’s in the city or out on the highway.

Boot Space of the Maruti Dzire Might Take A Hit Though

What remains to be seen is whether the CNG kit has taken up substantial room in the boot of the Maruti Dzire Tour S. If that does happen then the Tour S will make little sense for the cab operators that ply their cars for interstate transport. Since the second generation car already has lesser room than the first generation Maruti Dzire we aren’t sure how the customers will react to the CNG version of the car.

All we know is that the car will do wonders with OLA and UBER in cities like Delhi NCR where the diesel vehicles are already having a hard time.


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