Maruti Suzuki’s Electric Car India Timeline Same As Toyota’s | Launch In 2020

Maruti Suzuki has been in the race for electric cars in India since it announced to develop one is association with Toyota. Toyota earlier this week had revealed that the first electric car by the company will see the light of the day in the year 2020. Maruti Suzuki too has let the cat out of the bag telling their first fully electric car for India will also be launched during the same period in 2020.

Maruti Suzuki Co-Developing Electric Cars For India With Toyota

While home grown manufacturers like Mahindra and Tata Motors been on the forefront of the electric vehicle market of the country, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota too have joined hands for the same. As per the Government’s initiative, India is to become an all electric car market by 2030 and this gives very little time for major manufacturers to make electric vehicles their mainstream concern for the country. Although Maruti Suzuki is the largest car maker in India, it has no electric car in the market except for a few mild hybrids.

Looking to launch its first set of products in India by 2020, the company aims to have a fully fledged electric car fleet by 2030. The car maker has also expressed that the mass market will not be able to easily access these Maruti Suzuki cars since their costs will be higher than the cars it sells in India apparently.

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Price and Launch Date of the Maruti Suzuki Electric Car in India:

As mentioned earlier the first Maruti Suzuki electric car will be launched in 2020 which is exactly the same time when its new partner Toyota looks to introduce one. While these cars will be developed by two of the best Japanese car makers – Suzuki and Toyota, it is Maruti who will sell these electric cars in India and maintain the service network.

The price of these cars will be significantly higher than traditional Maruti Suzuki cars but once the technology and parts are widely available, the costs will supposedly come down. For instance, the Mahindra e20 Plus which has dimensions closer to the Tata Nano comes for a hefty price of 7.5 Lakhs in India.

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