Maruti Suzuki Now Offers Extended Warranty Up to 5 Years | Here are the Benefits

Maruti Suzuki is now back with the extended warranty plans for all its customers lined up interested in purchasing their product range. Surprisingly, Maruti Suzuki’s offer is inclusive of its newly launched premium car dealership format – the Nexa models as well. Maruti Suzuki is one of the largest competitive car maker brands across the country and manages to give a mighty competition to all those sedan and small budget car makers.

Adding to its line of differentiation, the new extended warranty plans by Maruti Suzuki are a treat for all those who are interested in buying any car of Maruti Suzuki’s product range.

Maruti Suzuki’s Gold, Platinum & Royal Platinum Extended Warranty Plans¬†¬†

Maruti Suzuki is one reliable name which is an instant hit to the mind when one thinks of trust-worthy car brands. Maruti Suzuki is now offering an extended warranty plans in 3 different formats for the customers to choose from as per their convenience. In the present scenario, Maruti Suzuki cars are offered with a standard warranty of 2 years/ 40,000 kms which can be increased for a greater time period depending upon the plan which is chosen by any interested customer.

The Maruti Suzuki Extended Warranty Plans are divided into three broad categories for the customers to choose from namely – Gold, Platinum and Royal Platinum. The Gold plan deals with 3rd year/60,000 kms scheme whereas the Platinum warranty plan deals with the 3rd and 4th year/ 80,000 kms. The Royal Platinum, on the other hand, deals with the 3rd, 4th as well as the 5th year/1,00,000 kms.

Maruti Suzuki Extended Warranty Plans | Know Benefits

Maruti Suzuki is soon to launch its varied extended warranty plans for the customers to choose from in context to its active product line including the Nexa models. But the question lies that are these extended warranty plans offered by Maruti Suzuki really worth the customer’s pay? Scroll on to get the benefits of Maruti Suzuki Extended Warranty Plans.

Under their proposed extended warranty plans, Maruti Suzuki is all set to cover the replacement of the car parts. This replacement of the car includes parts like the ECM, suspension struts, compressor, high-pressure pump, steering assembly, the turbocharger assembly as well as the select engine parts.

There are certain parts which do not form a part of the Maruti Suzuki’s Extended Warranty Plans. In order to get through those parts which are not a part of Maruti Suzuki’s Extended Warranty Plans, the customers can either visit the Maruti Suzuki Arena or Nexa websites.

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