Maruti Suzuki Revises its Warranty Plans for All Cars | Gold, Platinum & Royal Platinum Plans Introduced

Maruti Suzuki has currently introduced new warranty plans for its entire range of cars. The new warranty plans launched by Maruti includes all the premium models of Maruti Suzuki including the NEXA models. Till date, Maruti has been offering the standard 2-year/ 40,000 Km warranty for all its cars. The previous warranty plan for all the Maruti Suzuki Models can be extended to for the longer period/running as per the package that was chosen.

Maruti Suzuki Revised Warranty Plans 

The new warranty plans launched by Maruti Suzuki include the three extended warranty plans including Gold, Platinum, and Royal Platinum. The Gold plan for extended warranty by Maruti Suzuki includes the 3-year warranty plan or plan until the 60,000 Km distance is covered. The Platinum Plan offered by the Maruti Suzuki includes the warranty period of 4 years that is a 3rd and 4th year or on the distance coverage of 80,000 Km. Finally, all the Maruti Suzuki customers can also extend their warranty with the Royal platinum plan that covers 3rd, 4th and 5th year in addition to the first two years or is extended to the distance coverage of 1,00,000 Km.

These new Maruti Suzuki Warranty Plans also cover the replacement of the parts including the high-pressure pump, ECM, Turbocharger assembly, compressor, select engine parts along with the steering assembly and suspension struts.

Models’ Getting the Extended Warranty Plans by Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Models that are included in the list of getting the extended warranty plans include the models that are sold through Maruti Suzuki Arena outlets. Also, as per the notifications on the official website of NEXA the NEXA models are not eligible for the Gold plan of extended warranty. These Nexa models include Maruti Suzuki Baleno Hatchback, Ciaz Sedan, S-Cross Crossover, and Ignis Hatchback. All the details regarding the prices of the new warranty plans are also updated on the official website. The list of the models that are not included in these new warranty plans is also updated online by Maruti Suzuki.

The Gold, Platinum and Royal Platinum Extended Warranty Plans for the Maruti Suzuki Models are the new Warranty plans launched by Maruti Suzuki for all the models that are sold under Arena outlets and selective models selling at NEXA outlets.

Source – Autocar India


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