Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 vs The Hyundai i10 Grand | Best Hatchbacks in The Market for This Year

The new Maruti Suzuki Swift improves on the features that were offered in the previous generation of the car and it finally looks able enough to take on the Hyundai i10 Grand

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 launch is just around the corner and the latest TV commercial by the company is already out. When it comes to the current scenario in the Indian car market, the Hyundai i10 Grand is the favourite of the two. However, when the new car launches in February it will come with class leading features and an all new design which will change the balance of the whole competition between the two cars. So we at Chandigarh Metro pitch the Maruti Suzuki Swift against the Hyundai i10 Grand to see who wins the battle of the compact hatchbacks.

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 vs. Hyundai i10 Grand: Looks

When it comes to looks, the old Swift looked rather outdated in comparison to the Hyundai i10 Grand. With the new 2018 Facelift however, the Maruti Suzuki Swift looks the business. With its menacing looks and cool LED inserts in the headlamps it does not give the i10 Grand a leg to stand on.

Coming to the interiors, both the cars look premium for the price bracket they are in. Maruti Suzuki has managed to make the Swift look a lot sportier on the inside too. The steering wheel is flattened towards the bottom and manages to appeal to the enthusiasts. The instrument cluster too with its round dials protruding out make the package a lot more interesting than the Hyundai counterpart.

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 vs. Hyundai i10 Grand: Performance

The Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 retains the same engines as before which makes there is little to no difference when it comes to performance. However, the platform the new car is built is lighter and might increase the efficiency as well as the performance than the previous generation Swift. Still the cars are almost identical when it comes to power figures if you are not a nitpicker. The new Swift will deliver a fuel efficiency of 26 kilometres to a litre (expected) which is marginally higher than that of the Hyundai i10 Grand.

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 vs. Hyundai i10 Grand: Features and Safety

Features and Specifications of the two cars are not drastically different as both the cars have a touch screen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto on the top end variants. The Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with Dual Airbags, ABS and EBD as standard where as the Hyundai i10 Grand only comes with a driver airbag in comparison. The top end models offer similar specs and features but these matter when you are going for a lower end variant.


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