Massive Plantation Drive in Chandigarh to Plant More Than 40,000 Trees in the City

In a great initiative to make the Chandigarh city go greener than it already is, Horticulture department  of Chandigarh city is all set to carry out a massive plantation drive at a large scale to plant around 40,000 trees and shrubs at various notified previously selected places in the city beautiful Chandigarh. The details have been asked by the Green Action Plan by the forest department of the city beautiful Chandiagrh, as to proper execution that is planned to be carried out in the financial year of 2017-2018 in the Chandigarh. A list of locations that has been under scrutiny for many years is all set to get greener in the city of Gardens Chandigarh this year.

About the Green Action Plan

Chandigarh’s Horticulture department is all set to make the city beautiful more greener by planting trees and bushes at a massive scale like never before. Here is a list of what all has been included in the “Green Action Plan” all set to be executed by the authorities in Chandiagrh city.

  • A census had been carried out a month ago in counting the number of trees existing in Chandigarh
  • It was conducted at sich a precised level that division of trees on the basis if categories like dead, green etc. was also done
  • On identifying endangered and dead ones which amounted be around 1000 in number, the plantation drive is planned
  • Action plan of replacement of all such trees is being conducted via the Green Action Plan
  • Plans are to plant around 10,000 trees and rest shrubs at various locations in the city beautiful
  • Time wise implementation is scheduled to be done in the entire year
  • Plan to plant around 12000 saplings of trees and shrubs approximately from April to June
  • More plantations to be done by planting around 18,000 ones from July to September
  • Approximately 7375 saplings are scheduled to be planted from  October to December
  • Meanwhile 4000 saplings are scheduled to be done in the month of January till March

Why the Decision ?

Chandigarh is renowned as the “City of Gardens.” In a recent survey that was conducted city-wide concluded Chandigarh to have an existing count of whopping 1,65,597 trees  in the region excluding the ones in the private properties. On conduction of survey it was realised that many of the trees fell under the category of decaying and endangered ones which needed to be replaced soon. In an attempt to justify the count, the massive plantation drive by the Horticulture Department of Chandigarh Administration seems to be an apt decision.

Well, already boasting about lacs of trees and shrubs, Chandigarh is all set to be greener than ever before. In an intiative to find out “How much green is good green?”, Chandigarh as a city will never be satisfied as to what it already has as a count of its greenery. So, here we are carrying out more plantations like these, because “what can be better than the best?” The answer lies in, ‘Setting up a new benchmark, breaking the old record of one’s own set previous one.’ Welcoming the decision with open arms, Here we are in a city that is all set to break its own record!!!!

Source : TOI

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