Mohali Launches Meal @ Rs. 10 Under “Sasta Bhojan” Scheme

Red Cross Society in collaboration with NGO Istri Sangathan has pre-launched the “Sasta Bhojan” scheme for needy and poor to distribute food packets at Rs. 10 in Mohali, Punjab. Striving hard to feed the needs of the under privileged section of our society, the scheme aims to provide affordable and hygienic food for those who deserve.

The pre-launch of “Sasta Bhojan” scheme in Mohali aims to consider the response of the people so that a full fledged scheme could be started at a large scale.

About the “Sasta Bhojan” scheme 

“Sasta Bhojan” scheme launched in Mohali, Punjab has taken the charge of making it readily available for needy people the basic amenity for survival- Clean and hygienic food at an affordable price. What more one needs beyond that. We all live and earn to make money that buys food. Keeping that in mind and incorporating basic hygiene practices in preparation and packaging of meals, “Sasta Bhojan” scheme in Mohali aims to cater to a population that deserves this”Meal @ 10″ scheme in the region.

Salient Features of “Sasta Bhojan” scheme

Conceptualised and executed by Red Cross Society in collaboration with NGO Istri Sangathan, “Sasta Bhojan” scheme’s pre-launch is a highly awaited event by many local residents from Mohali. Here’s a list of salient features that the “Sasta Bhojan” scheme aims to bring forth for the needy & homeless.

  • Affordable yet hygienic food for all
  • Good Preparation and packaging to be priority
  • Meals to be made available in terms of “food packets”
  • Food packets to cost INR 10 only
  • Free water bottles for potable drinking water available

“Sasta Bhojan” scheme – Plans for future

When goals are aimed at the right direction, there’s no looking back if the steps are taken for good cause. Here’s what authorities plan for future of the  “Sasta Bhojan” scheme.

  • Responsive studies underway based on what the feedback is on pre-launch
  • Establishment of Community kitchens
  • Expansion to urban areas of Mohali
  • 250 packets to be distributed at DC Office on May 3rd in the afternoon
  • 300 packets at Judicial Court Complex in Mohali on May 5th and 6th
  • 500 packet distribution at urban sectors May 8th onwards in Mohali
  • Expansion of scheme at Sub-divisional level by June
  • Aims to cover places like Civil Hospital Phase 6, Mohali soon
  • Prominent places like bus stops, PSEB building etc. to be covered
  • Two vans to be deployed at each spot
  • MC and Village Panchayats to aid development of kitchens

The “Sasta Bhojan” scheme with its optimistic approach and working for a good cause strategies is believed to take Mohali district of Punjab by storm by catering to the needs of homeless and needy people. It is rightly said, “Providing food to needy is the best form of charity” and going forth with the notion to a stage of mass implementation, “Sasta Bhojan” scheme is one-of-its kind move in Mohali, Punjab which could serve as a leading example for other states and areas to follow.

Source: HT

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