Measures To Take Before Returning To Work During Covid-19.

With the vaccination for Covid-19 being done all over the countries, the companies have started resuming their work from the office. Where that was a time when you were working from the comfort of your home in your comfortable outfits. Many of us also started playing online games as part of an alternative source of earning. However, that phase was for practicing the game to master it at the cash tables. The time is over for free poker and start playing for real money.

Before going to the office, you need to watch out for a few things from the health and safety perspective. All the precautions that you are going to take might sound like the ones which were being taken during the covid-19 but post-covid-19 also these measures are important to take. Not just that you can avoid going to the office if you have other options to make money such as play 3 Patti. The employers before resuming offices have enhanced a few safety measures that are from sanitization to keep a constant check on the temperature of all the employees. Besides that, you also need to take a few precautions and follow personal protocols that will help you stay healthy during these pandemic times. We are going to help you with a few precautions that you should take while going back to the office.

1) Masks – Wearing a mask has become the most important part of our lifestyles post and during the Covid-19. Being a part of safety measures, this should be followed strictly where the people are sitting next to each other. If you are in a space where you have to sit alone like a cabin, there you can still remove your masks. But make sure you wear a mask whenever you are with other employees. Hence, wearing a mask all the time is required for the safety of others as well as yours.

2) Social distancing – Like before, keep maintaining social distancing between each other. If possible, increase the distance between you and your colleagues.

3) Hygiene – This is the most important part not just during or post covid-19 but also during the normal days of work-life. Keep the work clothes as well as seat covers clean, and disinfect them regularly.

4) Practice Good Hand Hygiene – Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes when you’re not sure if your hands are clean. Keeping the hand hygiene along with the other hygiene is also important. Wash your hands frequently and correctly. Wet your hands with water, apply enough soap to cover your hands. Rub hands palm to palm together. Minimize the hand contact with public facilities and regularly sterilize the work table, operating button, and office articles.

5) Disinfect – Keep the surface and accessories of equipment operated by different people disinfected. And also wear gloves when operating the equipment, if allowed.

6) Avoid Mass Gatherings – Do not go to places where people gather, especially people with poor ventilation. Arrange different times to go for lunch in the cafeteria. Keep a distance from others when eating.

7) Get yourself Vaccinated –  Getting vaccinated after the vaccination is successfully implemented has also become an important factor towards safety. Before resuming your office make sure that you got jabbed with both doses of vaccine. This will ensure that you do not get the virus from other employees and also you won’t be the reason to spread the disease.

With all these precautions pay attention to your health and keep a healthy and safe working environment. You can also stay at home if you have an option to play online poker to earn money. You just need to download the poker app and start playing after registration.


Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Dandiwal is a medical professional who works at a reputed hospital in Chandigarh. The passion for writing and love for Chandigarh makes Harpreet a contributing author on
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