Meet Rohit Rupani Jaipur Rajasthan’s Super Muscular Man and IFBB winner

Rohit Rupani is India’s pride, an athlete who has proven his strength at world level. He ha made top titles of the world on his name. He comes from the place where the temperature is always high. He comes from Jaipur Rajasthan. Now we know this lad is why so hot. I mean he is the strongest man plus the most handsome man of India.

Rohit Rupani aim is to make a team of bodybuilder which can capture the world’s all the top titles. He wants to see only Indian taking medal in Bodybuilding. Rohit plan is to make a chain of the fitness centre in the coming years when he becomes free from his Bodybuilding. He will still give a go at few titles of the world at an international level. Then he will focus on making fitness centres in India.

Rohit wants to win every title of the world and make our Nation proud. IFBB Mr India Men’s Physique was his first big title. He has won many small to big titles other than that. He has worked hard to gain muscular physique, and handsome looks come naturally to him.

Rohit Rupani has gained more popularity than other bodybuilders in the past. He is known as Hercules of India. He has a personality which can look fantastic in the modelling world. He has the face and personality which can look fab in the movies too. It depends on him what he will choose after his bodybuilding career. Looking at him, we must say he should try films. He can surprise everyone when people see him on the silver screen.

Other than that he personally wants to make fitness centres starting from Jaipur and then all over India. He wants to make his name a brand in India, which people recognize as top fitness centres in India.

Here’s wishing Rohit Rupani Jaipur and India’s pride all the best for his future ventures. We hope his dreams come true in his life and he wins many more titles for India.


Ajay Deep

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