5 Mehendi Spots in Chandigarh (For Karva Chauth) That Witness Most Vibrant Crowd

Mehendi is one of the most favourite thing to do for women on Karva Chauth. Markets in Chandigarh are all decked up with numerous mehendi stalls during Karva Chauth days and the activity of putting mehendi continues past midnight on the day before Karva Chauth. While a mehendi stall or a mehendi artist can be found in almost every sector of Chandigarh and in almost every salon, but there is something special about these few sectors mentioned below.

These specific sectors in Chandigarh witness huge crowds of women who desperately want karva chauth mehendi on their hands. They are not just ready to wait in long queues but end up paying as high as Rs. 1000 for mehendi on one hand. Yes, that makes it Rs. 2000 for mehendi on 2 hands and sometimes the price even goes upto Rs. 5000. Any normal mehendi artist sitting on a stool will ask for Rs. 500 for a hand and this becomes the trend in almost all areas in Chandigarh.

Mehendi Spots in Chandigarh

These sectors in Chandigarh witness the most vibrant evening on the day before Karva Chauth.

  • Sector 22

mehendi-chandigarhSector 22 is the most crowded sector of Chandigarh on the eve of Karva Chauth. Mehendi artists sit on stools on the footpath and the entire market area is full of people with no space to walk. Long queues of women can be witnessed who wait for their turn to get mehendi on their hands.

The sight is such that men can be seen holding purses, kids and other stuff while their wife / girlfriend gets mehendi on her hands. Sector 22 is also known for mehendi artists throughout the year but on Karva Chauth, this is the most preferred place where women gather with enthusiasm. The mehendi stalls in Sector 22 are busy till 2:00 AM on the day before Karva Chauth and on the day of Karva Chauth, again huge rush can be seen during morning hours.

  • Sector 19

karva-chauth-chandigarhThe second most preferred mehendi spot in Chandigarh on the eve of Karva Chauth is Sector 19. This place is also known for mehendi artists throughout the year, but during Karva days, the entire footpath is full of mehendi artists sitting in a line. Women from far flung areas come to Sector 19 in Chandigarh to get mehendi on their hands.

The situation in Sector 19 is somewhat similar to Sector 22 as there’s no space to park vehicles and no space to walk on the footpath. Shops close down by 10 PM but the mehendi stalls keep going past midnight.

  • Sector 40

Sector 40 in Chandigarh is yet another spot which is known for mehendi stalls and witneses a huge rush. Chandigarh MC gives the permission to set up tents and stalls in the market area and the place sees a huge crowd from southern sectors of Chandigarh.

  • Sector 15

Close to Panjab university, Sector 15 also gets vibrant crowd on the eve of Karva Chauth. Young girls living in PG and local residents from nearby sectors rush to Sector 15 in Chandigarh to get mehendi on their hands. The market area is seen abuzz with activity till late night.

  • Phase 7, Mohali

karva-chauth-19-chandigarhThe list of places which see huge rush for mehendi during Karva Chauth days cannot be complete without the mention of Phase 7 Mohali. The market area of Phase 7 Mohali can be called Sector 22 of Chandigarh. Almost the whole of Mohali comes to Pahse 7 market the are area comes live with stalls, tents and kiosks everywhere. Apart from mehendi artists, a lot of stalls can be seen that sell other stuff adding to vibrant colours and an awesome crowd in the area.

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