Meizu M6 Note Launched | Check Features, Specs & Price in India

Meizu M6 Note which is alert on launch today i.e. on August 23, 2017 is already taking the techno-enthusiasts by storm. The rumoured launch date along with speculations that revolve around the launch of the Meizu M6 Note has gone ahead miles way before it makes way officially to the world.  Meizu M6 Note, with its multiple online leaks and believed features happening over a period of a couple of weeks shall finally come to an end tomorrow with the launch of Meizu M6 Note in a grandeur that is awaited by one and all.

Meizu M6 Note | Online Leak & Revelations

Meizu M6 Note boasts of exquisite features that shake the entire world of technocrats from their complacency. Although, these minute details have been derived from the rumoured beliefs, expected interests and speculations pertaining to Meizu M6 Note that has throbbed the internet in no time. The viral nature of these speculations not only bursted the bubble of the Meizu M6 Note, the same has been backed by some online leaks of images of Meizu M6 Note that were made by a Weibo user sometime back.

The revelations made by the online leaks of the Meizu M6 Note exhibits a well thought setup of dual rear camera in a vertical fashion. Well a lot more has been revealed via the latest leaks that the most awaited Meizu M6 Note suffered online.

Meizu M6 Note | Specifications  & Features

The inumerable advanced features that the Meizu M6 Note boasts of according the speculations made by sources reveal that the Meizu M6 Note has an LED flash included in a dual rear camera featured in the Meizu M6 Note phone. The technical specifications in terms of operating system and processor in the M6 Note manufactured by has an octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor with  Android 7.1.2. Incorporating the latest interest of people with sensors like Finger print sensors used as a lock screen feature along with light & proximity sensor with 4G, 3G and bluetooth connectivity are some features that add feather to the cap of the Meizu M6 Note.

Meizu M6 Note | Price & Other Details 

The 4GB RAM included in the Meizu M6 Note might have variants in the Meizu M6 Note phones in a chipset kind.  More expected variants in the Meizu M6 Note shall include the 3GB/ 32GB and 4GB/64GB which shall have a screen size of 5.5 inch HD display. Well, no price details have been officially declared by Meizu regarding the M6 Note but speculations made by the sources regarding the introductory price details of Meizu M6 Note state it to cost around INR 15000.

The prices may fluctuate and vary between the variants with this numerical figure simply adopted to give an idea of the range within which the most awaited Meizu M6 Note shall lie. We still have to wait for the official launch of the Meizu M6 Note to have confirmed details about these aforementioned details before actually making our minds up for the device and its features.

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