Xiaomi’s New Mi Headphones (Comfort) Launched in India at INR 2999 | Know Specs & Features

Xiaomi has introduced Mi Headphones Comfort in India. These new Mi headphones promise a comfortable listening experience to its user. The headphones rock over the ear and are minimalistic and snug fit in design. The best thing about these Mi headphones is that they are dirt resistant and have a tangle-resistant cable.

This is the first time that Mi is launching its headphones. Till now, only Mi earphones were available in India. With these Mi Comfort headphones, Mi has got another accessory for Indian fans.

Mi Comfort Headphones: Design and Features

The Xiaomi’s Mi Comfort Headphones come with some great features. Some of these features include:

  • Lightweight, seamless and neat design.
  • Voice cancellation feature
  • Zero sound leakage for an involving listening experience
  • Soft, comfy and breathable PU ear cups to seal in the sound
  • Mi headphones support a 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Multi-device compatible; smartphone, mp3s, etc.
  • Mi headphones have a High resolution audio certification
  • 1.4 meter long stretchable cable
  • Audio cables are non-toxic and heat-resistant
  • 107db sensitive
  • 32ohm speaker impedance
  • 20-40,000Hertz frequency range

The Xiaomi Mi Headphones give you a very distinctive ear cup control. You can answer your calls through your left ear cup by simply pressing a button on the cup. There are buttons on Mi headphones that help you control your playlist. You can even pause, play or control the entire audio by pressing theses buttons without even taking out the phone from your pocket. Thus, we can say that Mi headphones have a very eccentric interface.

Price and Availability in India

The Mi Comfort Headphones will be available on the official website of Xiaomi i.e. Mi.com. The headphones are ready to be shipped as they have been launched. The price of Mi comfort headphones has been kept at Rs, 2,999.

Colours: Mi, as always has taken into consideration variety of colours that people like. The new headphones by Mi are available in peach, light green and white color. If we talk about India, only White color is available as of now.

The Mi Comfort Headphones have been launched along with the Mi6 and Mi6 Plus smartphones.

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