Microsoft is Finally Bringing The Microsoft Edge Browser To iOS & Android

Microsoft Edge the popular browser from windows 10is finally coming to other platforms like iOS and Android. So if you’re not satisfied with your browser you have a new option in the form of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has been working towards its new policy of making Windows work better with iOS and Android mobiles since its own little outing of Windows handsets failed miserably and Microsoft Edge is part of that initiative.

What new does Microsoft edge bring to the table?

If you have an iOS or Android device and constantly shuffle between your browser on the phone and your laptop then Microsoft Edge is definitely for you. It brings along a feature called ‘continue on PC’ which is useful when the website won’t work right on the mobile or when you realize you there is lo of typing to be done and you need to do this on your PC with a bigger keyboard. So when you click on ‘continue on PC’ Microsoft Edge will magically send your web page to the edge browser on your laptop.

Microsoft Edge really surprised us when we saw the option to set the default search engine to Google or even Yahoo. Microsoft Bling has miles to go and would have been a huge disadvantage to the Microsoft Edge browser.

As for the functionality it is pretty basic for now and does not even include an ad blocker. The settings are limited as well with clearing up history and blocking pop-ups being one of the only things you can change.

Availability of the Microsoft Edge:

As for now the Microsoft Edge will only be available on your iOS and Android phones. The availability for iPads and Android Tabs will come at a later date. It can be downloaded from your phone’s Play Store or iOS App Store for free.

Microsoft with Edge is appealing to the audience which uses the same web browser for all their devices and like their passwords and histories to be synced.

Along with the Edge browser Microsoft has also released a new launcher for android – the Microsoft Launcher (an update to the Arrow Launcher) which brings quite some functionality on the homescreen. It is one of the best launchers we have seen and also comes with Microsoft’s own version of Google feed.

Source: PCMag


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