Microsoft MS-200 Exam & Practice Tests: 3 Main Topics That Will Prepare You for Future Tasks

If you are an individual who wants to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate credential, you need to know that there are two exams for you to pass: MS-200 and MS-201. That is why it is essential to learn all the details about each of them. In this article, we will cover the information of your first step, so let’s start.

Microsoft MS-200 is also referred to as Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform. Passing this test is required for a professional to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certificate. It also demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills required to manage main flow and client access, messaging High Availability,and disaster recovery. Having this credential in your resume also shows that you have a thorough understanding of modern messaging infrastructure.

Microsoft MS-200 VCE Practice Test is a very popular certification exam that can enhance your career growth as it makes you stand out from your peers as a certified and committed expert with valuable skills needed in the field. There are also other details to cover regarding this test. Let’s talk about them.

What is Microsoft MS-200 exam?

This certification test contains from 40 to 60 questions of different types. The time duration is 120 minutes. Certbolt  Microsoft MS-200 is available in a number of languages to ensure that it is accessible to as many messaging administrators as possible around the world. The exam can be taken in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and even more. The passing score is 700 out of 1000.

The fee for Microsoft MS-200 Exam Dumps is $165. Those individuals who are applying for this exam in the United States will pay this amount, while those from other countries may be required to part with more money, depending on the taxation policies.

Who should take Microsoft MS-200 exam?

This test is ideal for the messaging administrators who are responsible for deploying, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting public folders in both Cloud and on-premises enterprise environments. These professionals also monitor recipients, public folders, mail flow, mail protection, and permissions in on-premises settings and Cloud enterprise environments.The exam is also aimed at those individualswho manage hygiene and message infrastructure. They are also responsible for ensuring client access, disaster recovery, hybrid configuration, mitigation, and high availability.

The messaging administrators collaborate with the security and Microsoft 365 Enterprise administrators to implement secure hybrid topology that meets all the business needs in a modern company. These specialists should have practical knowledge of authentication types, mitigation, and licensing with Microsoft 365 applications.

What skills are measured inMicrosoft MS-200 exam?

Microsoft MS-200 is a certification test that measures the skills to perform the technical tasks highlighted below. They include the following exam objectives:


  • Operating Modern Messaging Infrastructure – 45-50%


This is the biggest topic because it covers almost a half of the whole content. The candidates for the Microsoft MS-200 exam are tested on their skills to effectively operate modern messaging infrastructure. Under this skill area, you will learn how to manage databases, Database Availability Groups (DAGs), disaster recovery, messaging infrastructure lifecycle, and implement client access. Thesesubtopics provide you with knowledge ofthe following:

  • Building, configuring, and troubleshooting mailbox databases;
  • Creating a Database Availability Group (DAG), planning its settings and members, and troubleshooting;
  • Managing and deploying site resilience;
  • Evaluating Exchange services health;
  • Configuring client access policies, URLs and virtual directories, client access rules, and Autodiscover for Exchange;
  • Troubleshooting client access connectivity issues;
  • Planning high availability for the clients, recovery and backup strategy, namespaces, and Exchange Service installation.


Operating Mail Flow Topology – 35-40%


Microsoft MS-200 also evaluates your skills to operate mail flow topology. This part makes up to 40 percent of the total marks in the entire exam. The concepts include but not limited to the management of connectors and mail flow, planning of the transport pipeline, and troubleshooting of mail flow problems. They cover subtopics, such as:

  • Planning of a high availability mail flow solution and transport architecture;
  • Managing a hybrid mail flow, transport rules, and domains;
  • Configuring connectors and message tracking;
  • Controlling message tracking;
  • Monitoring a mail flow;
  • Using a remote connectivity analyzer to analyze message headers.


Operating Devices and Recipients – 15-20%


The students taking Microsoft MS-200 are also evaluated on their skills to operate devices and recipients. The questions assessing you on this area generally makes up to 20% of the total marks in the test. Under this objective, the applicants are required to have expertise in accomplishing the technical tasks that include the management of recipient resources and mobile devices. It is required to know a thing or two about the management of different mailboxes, including shared, resource, and archive mailboxes. You also need to learn the following skills:

  • Testing license options;
  • Configuring mailbox policies;
  • Managing security and distribution groups, mobile devices access, and Outlook mobile;
  • Configuring mobile device mailbox policies.

The above-highlighted topics are the general guidelines on what the candidates should expect in the Microsoft MS-200 exam. It is advised to study widely beyond these objectives because they might encounter some questions from other subjects related to the required skills.

What credible source can you choose for Microsoft MS-200 exam preparation?

Like many professionals and experts out there, you may wonder where to get the best study materials that you can use to prepare for Microsoft MS-200 in order topass itat your first attempt. The information on how to prepare for this test, what to use, all the dos and don’ts during the preparation process is all over the Internet. For this reason, you can find it confusing to know which source to use. To ensure that the information you are relying on is useful and relevant, be sure to get it from credible platforms. The same applies to prep resources.

Thus, first of all, start with the official website. Microsoft has different suggestions on how to prepare. You can choose one of its recommended training courses, read a study guide, join a study forum, etc. And if you feel that it is not enough for you, use an additional source. One of the platforms for authentic, updated, and verified prep tools to pass Microsoft MS-200 is Exam-Labs. This is also the place to get all the best study materials, such as video tutorials, practice tests, and exam dumps.


If you prepare with great deliberation, then all the key exam topics will be covered by you in no time. Especially if you use a variety of study materials. So, check the information on the Microsoft website about possible changes in any process of testing, get everything you need, and earn the credential for your efforts.


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