Microsoft’s New XBox One X Is Coming To India Soon | Check Price & Specs

Microsoft has revealed the truth behind its mysterious “S” logo called the “Project Scorpio” games console today and it is the Xbox One X, a small yet powerful black box. The X Box One X is the successor of the previously launched X Box One and will be launched globally on 7th November and hopefully, will come to India on the same date. The XBox One X will give out much sharper images and use the “super sampling” technology than its previous model. The new gaming console comes with boosted performance output and gives seemingly great gaming experience to its user with better render quality.

The Microsoft Xbox One X Specs & Features

They say Big things come in small packages and it is quite literal in the case of Microsoft’s XBox One X that has pretty small black box but all the right powerful components inside. The console’s design is quite similar to the Xbox One S in many ways, apart from a minor size shrink. The Xbox One S is already available in the Indian market at the price of Rs 24,990. Lets checkout what’s so amazing about this gaming console:

  • The Microsoft’s XBox One X comes with 6 teraflops of graphical power
  • More than what PS4 offers, 4.2 teraflops
  • The One X gaming console has a customized GPU engine
  • The GPU engine functions at 1172 MHz, far more than what Xbox One and Sony PS4
  • The Microsoft has also integrated an Utra HD Blu-ray drive for 4k movies & entertainment
  • It also comes with 1TB of storage
  • The One X has a liquid-cooled vapor chamber to keep the high-performance gaming console’s temperature at moderation
  •  The Xbox One X has HDMI-in port and no Kinect port

Exclusive Games For Xbox One X

On the unveiling of the new Xbox One X Microsoft has launched 22 exclusive games that will come along with the One X like, Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves and will also include the Xbox originals like Crimson Skies. Since the gaming console comes with 4K boost it will update the previous versions of all the games like Killer Instinct, Forza Horizon, Gears of War 4 and Minecraft for free to be able to run on the new Xbox One X. Even the Indians will also get to enjoy and experience the fantastic games as they are not exclusive to few continents.

Microsoft Xbox One X – Price

The price of the new “Scorpio” or Microsoft Xbox One X will be around Rs 32,075 in the Indian market. The fresh gaming console would be launched worldwide this year in the month of November on 7th and will come to India as well on the same time(as per speculations). So it’s a “heads up” to all the gaming freaks, keep your curiosities boosted as something amazing is coming your way to blow your ordinary gaming experiences away.

Source: The Verge


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