Microsoft Shuts Down its Surface Pro Due to Product Problems

Well it looks like Microsoft has still not done away with the old reliability issues of its Surface laptops. As the newly launched Surface Pro laptops are giving a hard time to its users by falling asleep voluntarily while in use. More than 300 customers of the Microsoft Surface Pro laptops are encountering the same type problem at frequent basis. The support forum of the company is repeatedly receiving issues regarding the spontaneous shut down problem from its customers.

The Surface Pro laptops were rolled out in the market in the month of May this year and Microsoft made the claim of it being “the most versatile laptop”.

Why Surface Pro Falls Asleep? 

Microsoft’s Surface laptops have been suffering from “sleeping beauty syndrome” since quite a long time now, especially from the day when company adopted the Intel’s new chipset Skylake in 2015. Complaints of people about the system going to sudden sleep and display crashing down started pouring in at the Microsoft help desk. The company somehow tried to help its customers by suggesting various temporary methods which did not turned out to be helpful at all, further raising the reliability issues of the Surface laptops.

The problem of sudden shut down is being experienced by fair number of Surface Pro users, while still there are some of them who have not faced even a single glitch ever since its acquisition. Previously, upon receiving lots of random shut down or sudden hibernation complaints Microsoft told the users that they will work upon the issue and bring up a permanent fix for it but nothing happened. And today the company has clearly assessed that finding a fix for the historic hibernating issues faced by the Surface Pro users even today takes a lot of time and is very difficult, as they cannot figure out the main root of the problem till date.

So What’s The Fix?

As Microsoft has clearly confessed that they cannot find any solution for the sudden shut down problem or the hibernation issue as termed by the service department of the company. Therefore the MVP of Microsoft has asked the customers facing the infamous problem with their Surface Pro laptops to return them ASAP while they are new. The company will exchange your laptop readily if its is in good condition and is fresh out of the box with a new one or give your money back. But if someone is facing the same issue after a very long time of purchasing Surface Pro than the company will exchange it with a refurbished one.

Source: Thurrott


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