6 Milestones to Cross to Become a Successful Lawyer

A lawyer is responsible for guiding the clients through legalities with ease. The verdict of any case depends majorly on the competitiveness, skill and tactics of a lawyer. However, it is not an easy path to become a successful and well-known lawyer. There are a plethora of attributes that make anyone a successful lawyer. One must also know that behind any successful law firm it’s the lawyers are holding the burden on their shoulders.

Here are six milestones that one must cross to become a successful lawyer. You might not find the mention of any of these in the LLB course details or curriculum, but these are crucial for a successful career.

Choose the Best College/University

The first step to becoming a successful lawyer is choosing the best college/university for the degree. Universities like UPES offer industry relevant and specialised courses that make the students ready to face the challenges of the real world. Furthermore, all their programs are approved by the Bar Council of India. So, when you have decided to become a lawyer, the first and the most important step is to find the best college or university.

Learn the Knick-Knacks of the Legal World

The next milestone is to get familiar with the knick-knacks of the legal world. During the course, you will be taught the intricacies while there may be occasions when situations resembling to real life will be thrown at you. From mock court trails to solving cases and studying about famous cases, you will have to do it all. This is the most crucial duration as you will be learning a lot about the legal world.

Develop Good Communication Skills

Have you ever met a lawyer who has below average communication skills? No, right? One of the most important qualities that a lawyer must possess is that of communication. A lawyer must have excellent verbal and written skills apart from having the ability to lead a conversation. Moreover, a lawyer must also be a great listener to catch even the minutest details that may be important for the case.

Practice Under a Reputed Lawyer

Most of the universities and colleges keep the last one or two months reserved for internships. Students are required to intern under established lawyers to get in-depth knowledge about the field. This is a golden period, and students must make the most of this time to hone their skills. During the internship, you will learn to have a clear grasp over the case and form a sound conclusion.

Build a Strong Professional Network

This milestone can be achieved along with the one above. While interning, you will come across many famous lawyers. This is the right time to make connections with them if you want to continue practising in the same city. The network you build during this time will come handy when you are out and about in the legal field trying to make your mark.

Learn How to Accept Failure

The last and the most important milestone that one needs to cross is that of honing the art of accepting failure. It is an integral part of success, and without having a positive outlook towards it, you won’t be able to excel in any field, let alone legal.

Final Words!

Once you have crossed the milestones mentioned above, you are all set to put your foot in the legal world. Be sure of wearing the right attitude while being persistent and innovative. Another important thing to note here is that you must always maintain your integrity. These important behavioural traits may not be a highlight in LLB course details but are an integral part of it.


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