Missing Classes & Submitting Fake Medical Certificates Does Not Go Well in Chandigarh

College days are inevitably the best days in our lives. From going on the gedi route to check out hawtt girls and gorging on finger licking food, college life is the best. Getting ready to putting on make-up, one sets out of their house to attend the class. There is a sudden change in the plan and instead of going to the University we end up whiling away time either in the mall or at a friends’ PG.

After not attending classes, the professor inquires about your absence and you carelessly submit the medical certificate in order to ensure that the attendance is up to the mark. This is a common trend followed by youngsters across Chandigarh.

Fake Medical CertificateĀ Case at PU, Chandigarh

In a recent case that came into limelight and was published as a news in Chandigarh Tribune, Panjab University has given show-cause notice to 3 students for submitting fake medical certificates. University authorities took to verifying the certificated andĀ founf out that these were fake. Even the doctors who issues these certificates refused to the matter saying that they had not signed the certificate.

University authorities are now questioning these 3 students as to why an action should not be taken against them. The committee that is looking after this case has also proposed that an FIR be registered against the students who produced fake medical certificates.

What Next?

Getting a medical certificate when you are actually ill is perfectly fine but we are talking about students who produce such fake medical certificates and even their parents are not aware. Colleges that come under PU might get more strict on such cases as they might start verifying each and every medical certificate that is being submitted.

Sometimes, even parents support their wards and help them get fake medical certificates from a known private doctor in Chandigarh. But the trend will eventually change as educational authorities are gradually becoming smarter and stricter in such cases.

So next time, whenever you think about getting a fake medical certificate and submitting it to your school/college, make sure you think twice!

Image Source: Daljeet Kaur Sandhu for HT


Sakshi Sood

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