Mithali Raj Shares a Pic & Gets Trolled on Twitter For Her Dress | Here’s What Happened

Mithali Raj Captain Of Indian Women’s Cricket Team Trolled on Twitter. The Indian women’s cricket team stunned the world by their stellar performance at the World Cup. The Indian Women Cricket Team not only left a mark but also made the country sit up and take notice.

Indian Women’s Cricket Team reached the final of the World Cup but lost the title-winning match. India skipper Mithali Raj, was one of the most consistent players throughout the showpiece event. She not only led the team to the finals but also created several records on the ground.

Records that Mithali Raj created

Mithali Raj eclipsed Charlotte Edward’s  record and became the highest run-getter in women’s ODIs. This is not the only record that Mithali Raj broke. By the end of the Women’s World Cup finals, Mithali Raj also became the first player to achieve 6,000 runs in this format. It was the combined effort of players like Mithali Raj that the women’s cricket

The tournament was also an occasion of great achievement for who eclipsed Charlotte Edwards to become the highest run-getter in women’s ODIs and also became the first player to score 6,000 runs in this format. Understandably, following for women’s cricket escalated.

As it is said, ‘Everyday is not Sunday’ Mithali Raj too faced the heat of her fans’ comments.

Why was Mithali Raj trolled on Twitter?

It appears the moral policing brigade is too active on teaching ‘Sanskaar’ to those who have made the country proud in their respective fields. Priyanka Chopra was trolled after her meeting with the Indian PM Narendra Modi in Berlin. Trolls on Twitter questioning Priyanka Chopra’s  ‘sanskaar’ levels don’t need a preface. She was judged on the basis of her choice of a dress that showed off her legs. Well, Mithali Raj too faced the same criticism on her choice of dress.

A picture by Mithali Raj, the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team posted on Twitter brought criticism and shaming for the skipper of the Indian women’s cricket team. The 34-year-old sportsperson posted a throwback picture with friends Amreen Khurana and Afshan Kaura. Mithali is shown as wearing a black spaghetti top that shows off a bit of her cleavage.

The tricenarian cricketer posted a throwback picture on Twitter. In this picture, Mithali Raj is shown with friends Afshan Kaura and Amreen Khurana wearing a black spaghetti top. That’s not the issue, what irked her fans and the moral policing birgade was the showing off a bit of her cleavage.

What did haters do?

Mithali Raj faced the brunt of body-shaming on social media. This incident clearly portrays the deep-rooted malaise in Indian society. It also showcased the negative side of social media. Mithali Raj found herself at the centre of undue attention The members of the moral policing brigade even commented that it was unbecoming of an idol that Mithali Raj was.

Source: India Today


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