Mithali Raj On BBC Top 100 Influential Women List With Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Mother

Mithali Raj, Captain of Indian Cricket Team has recently been listed among the top 100 influential women listed by BBC 2017 in regards to the recent events. Mithali Raj has led Indian Women’s Cricket Team to the finals of the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017. Mithali Raj has been added to the list along with the Delhi’s Tulika Kiran and Ira Trivedi, Bangaluru’s Aditi Avasthi and Mehroonisa Siddiqui.

Apart from Mithali Raj, Ira Trivedi is listed for her remarkable achievement as a writer, yoga teacher as well as activist whereas Tulika Kiran has been recognized for her teaching experience for kids in Tihar Prison since past 8 years. Counted in the list is 65-years old Mehroonisa, mother of Bollywood Actor Nawazuddin  Siddiqui.

BBC List of 100 Most Influential Women Inspired by 100 Women Challenges –

The List prepared by BBC counts in all the spheres of modern life including the engineering, creative industries, sports, business etc. This BBC list has been inspired by the 1o0 challenges that a woman faces in her life. This list is prepared as a symbol of unique celebration of female talent. Mithali Raj, the captain of Indian Cricket team has been listed among the most influential women.

The challenge will now be coming to the Delhi from October 9-13 to look for the female illiteracy. There are many other places where BBC is hosting the 100 Women Challenge that includes Silicon Valley [October 2-6] where the focus will be on tackling the glass ceiling and safety on public transport will be focused on in London and Nairobi team from 16th to 20th October. The Challenge will now go to Rio where the sexism in sports will be focused.

Remaining 40 places for the challenge is going to be decided with time. But for India, Mithali Raj has already secured a place in the top 100.

Let’s See Who Else Made to This BBC List of 100 Most Influential Women –

In addition to Mithali Raj and others, the list also contains De. Urvashi Sahni who is a social entrepreneur, educationist and women’s rights activists. Nitya Thummalachettym has also been added to the list for her work as a business analyst at Care Centra [health care company in New York]. The Captain of Manchester City Football Club and England Women’s Football team, Steph Houghton has also been added to the BBC’s 100 most influential women list.

So, far the big news is that Mithali Raj scored the position in the list of BBC 100 most influential women. Stay tuned to find out other names that will be added to the BBC’s list of 100 Most Influential Women.

Sources- TOI


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