MKT to Bring Unique Shared Office Space to Houston Heights and Bike Trail

You can reach work by cycling through the Heigh Heights and Bike Trail of Houston! Recently a mixed-use renovation and build out a project named MKT have decided to build a shared coworking office space in Houston. They are planning to bring a luxurious work experience by creating an office space surrounded by restaurants and retail services. Initially, they were planning to create an office space to cater to tenants working in the media and technology fields. But, they have inclined their interests towards creating a 20,000 to 50,000 SF of coworking space also. They are yet to find a brand which aligns with their ideas and once they do, this might become one of Houston’s top coworking space.

This project targets the lack of better office space issue that enterprises in Houston are facing currently. Moreover, this place will provide platforms for companies to create links with talented individuals and partners. Moreover, it would be a treat to witness how the five buildings leased by MKT would turn out after renovation. Further, they will also be incorporating green space, parking and stores in the premises creating a unique ambience.

More about the space and MKT

With this current renovation plans, people will access nearly 30 restaurants and retail services on bike trail of Houston. Further, to create this office space 5 old buildings leased by MKT will get renovated. This project will 20,000 square foot of area including four acres of green space, parking, outdoor venue and retail components.

To manifest its terrific plans the MKT have hired the best teams and organization possible in Houston. The Radom Capital is handling the retail aspects of the plans and architect Michael Hsu is the mastermind behind the renovation. The transformation will be starting within 60 to 70 days. We can soon expect a  shared office space in Hutson which will carter to tenants expecting their office to be beyond workstations. This will be first of its kind office space in Houston based on live-work-play model.

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