Mobile Casino Sites vs Mobile Casino Apps: Things to Consider

A large chunk of online entertainment comes from gambling domains these days. If you thought that card games of strategy were boring, think again. Online casinos nowadays feature colorful slot games, bingo, lotteries, and other games of chance. These have colorful, innovative themes and gameplay. As a result, you could spin them for free or for money and gain entertainment for hours.

With legalized online casinos becoming popular across the world, so are mobile casino apps & sites in India. Gone are the days when laptops or desktops were the only platforms to enjoy such domains. Today smartphones come with superior processing power and speed. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite online casino on your phone or tablet just as easily. You might wonder why some sites promote their apps while others do not. Are the apps better for gaming on mobile devices?

When Mobile Apps Were Launched

During the beginning of the new millennium, online casinos were gaining popularity as well as legitimacy. They became reliable for players to create accounts, deposit funds and play regularly. There was a growing need to be able to play games from mobile devices as well. At such time mobile web browsers had the following limitations:

  • Slow Speed

The processing power of mobile phones was often inadequate for the fast loading of websites. Since casino sites are rich in audiovisual features that made such websites are slower in loading. Also, smartphones had smaller screens. Most casino sites were not designed to fit all details in mobile web browsers.

  • Incompatibility with Devices

Many casino sites could not be accessed through the web browsers of different mobile devices. Android and iPhone users found accessibility problems.

To counter the above limitations, apps were launched. It was also felt that, if there were dedicated Android and iOS apps would help increase traffic at casino sites.

As mobile apps became popular they brought in the following advantages:

  • Device Compatibility

Android device users found Android apps easy to log in. Once logged in, member account details were locked in. As a result, members could easily update their account details and make fund deposits. The same worked for iOS app users.

  • Gaming on the Go

With apps, casino owners found gambling traffic increases on their sites. Most app users were found to be gambling more on the go. Since mobile apps took less time to load, players enjoyed gambling on their phones and tablets. This led to a sharp increase in revenues from mobile gaming.

Casino Sites Gain Mobile Compatibility

Though apps were launched by most casino sites, there still remained some restrictions. For instance, apps could not be updated as frequently as website technologies could. Hence, in many cases apps crashed or could not sync with player online accounts. At the same time, the advancement of web technology happened. It was mainly the use of HTML5 technology that obliterated the need for separate casino apps.

Today most online casinos have a cross-platform operational design. As a result, they can be seamlessly opened on desktop or mobile browsers. The websites can adapt seamlessly on larger or smaller screens. When technology updates occur at a casino website, the same is experienced on mobile browsers.

At the same time, smartphones gained more processing power and larger screens. The latest versions of Android or iOS software make website loading time minimal. So is the gaming prowess in most mobile devices. Fast-speed internet connectivity also makes it possible to enjoy gaming on the go almost anywhere in the world.

Should You Stick to Mobile Casino Apps?

If you have been a dedicated user of a mobile casino app, you can continue to do so. However, ensure that the brand is providing updates for the app from time to time. Also, check for frequent app crashes. If there are problems occurring with the app, you might want to uninstall the app and log in directly on the mobile website. Most licensed casinos ensure that customer accounts are safe and secure. Hence, even if you cannot log in through the app, your account on a casino site will remain, along with deposited funds as well.

Another problem with apps is disk space and memory allocation. If you are an avid gambler, chances are that you like to gamble at more than one website. That would mean that you use more than one app and have installed several on your mobile device. Since these are media-heavy applications, they would take up considerable disk space and memory. Hence, running them on your mobile devices could involve slower loading of games, interruptions of game sequences, and so forth.

In contrast, most modern casino sites load smoothly on mobile browsers. They can even retain your login information. Hence, your account details would be saved and so would be your deposit funds. You can simply log in and play at your convenience. With freed up disk space you would have faster speed and processing power to enjoy your favorite games. It makes sense for avid gamblers to get rid of mobile casino apps in most cases. Of course, some apps might still work better than their web counterparts. However, most modern and new casino domains have only their web versions to offer.

New Trends

The growing trend in online casinos is the seamless compatibility across different devices. Hence, you can log in to a new casino site as easily on a mobile web browser as on a desktop. Even old casino sites have revamped their technologies. Most have games and live casinos that run on HTML5 technology. They provide a hassle-free experience for gamblers with freedom of choice.

They can log into their accounts either on a desktop or from a mobile web browser. Their account details are saved in a secure manner and so are their funds. They can use these to wager on mobile devices as well as on desktops. They can even seek withdrawals from any platform. As a result, one can enjoy gambling and see their wins come into their accounts in a seamless manner.


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