Mobile Gaming Becoming Future For Leisure Time in India

Today, the gaming industry has been accepted well worldwide. It has given the developers a great motivation to develop user-friendly games. 

There are different games that you can choose to play online at Royal Panda India. Location is not a problem. Currently, through technology, you can access your favourite game while at any location.

Through studies, mobile gaming will become the future for leisure time. In a study conducted by eMarketer, they concluded that mobile will take over TV, on the time an individual spends on the screen. The reason why mobile is gaining popularity is because an individual can travel with it everywhere, and unlike TV. 

Overview Of Mobile Gaming

In research conducted by Newzoo, shows that the mobile gaming industry will top $100 billion in less than two years. It, therefore, means that this industry will have achieved a double-digital growth within a decade. 

Last year, the mobile gaming industry was able to generate over 50% global games. So, how could this industry grow so fast? There are different features that impacted growth such as different payment options.

Here are the reasons why mobile gaming will become the future for leisure time in India: 

  • Slow Down Aging

Male, female, children and young adults have a common thing, and it’s ageing. Getting old and wise has its perks. 

However, playing games helps maintain your health like exercises. For example, when at 60, you feel at 50. Our brain also stays at the shape.

  • Enhancing The Ability To Learn

 There is a popular belief where people think that video games are not suitable because they reduce performance at school. However, some researchers have found that there are games that enhance brain flexibility. 

  • Improve Focus And Attention

 For parents, they are worried about their children playing games. They think that their children sit in class and instead of listening to the teacher, they think about the games they play. 

However, it’s not the case. A study was conducted to test the improvement of cognition and perception. The researcher found that gamers outperformed none gamers.

  • Video games help couples

There are many activities that couples can do to have fun and relax together. Psychologists recommend also playing games as part of these essential activities.

Most guys feel better playing games with their partners. So, it makes men care more about their relationship.

  • Better decision making

At Rochester University, C. Shawn conducted an experiment to discover how games affect gamers’ ability to make a decision. 

It proved that games have an ability for one to receive sensory data that helps them make precise decisions.

Final Words

There is a rapid growth in mobile gaming audience and therefore one has to consider these games as a media strategy. So, individuals should start targeting game developers depending on their real-time motivations and demographics. The motivation tied to a specific genre and craft is essential.

Lastly, you have to learn how you will identify intent moments. You can see how gaming is performing in the mobile space but you need to use the correct tools.


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