Mobile Market, Sector 22 Chandigarh – Your One Stop Solution to Phones & Accesories

Mobile Market in Chandigarh. If you are a Chandigarhian you would straightaway point at Sector 22 in Chandigarh when you hear someone thinking of purchasing a mobile phone in the city. Carving a niche for itself by creating huge market potential for all the people who strive forth to buy the latest gadgets in no time, here’s what Chandigarh has got for the gadget freak population of the town, Chandigarh’s very own Mobile Market.

Mobile Market in Chandigarh, Location

Located in the heart of the city Sector 22, Chandigarh, Mobile Market of the city is a hearth rob destination and one-stop shop for many. So, if I say, Chandigarh has a population of around 1.2 million and going by present trends, even half of the population buys two gadgets per year which is phenomenally lesser than what actual statistics are, Mobile market’s revenue generation per year would cross the annual royalty amount withdrawn by a millionaire of any city !!!! Amazing isn’t it?

Chandigarh’s mobile market – Highlights 

Yeah, true ! The big question remains valid throughout the waves of times that pass by as to why a commercial hub of a market place be so renowned that everyone knows about it? There must be something that they really deliver that no one else has got. We tried to figure out, what drives us to reach the place in Chandigarh when we talk of mobile phones even at the thought of it.

Here’s what Chandigarh’s mobile sector in 22, got for you:

  • One stop shop destination to buy the latest gadgets
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Checklist of accessories required, Tick!
  • Assurance delivered with a smile
  • Insurance done at the retailer’s end
  • Keep yourself updated with what is trending in the gadget world
  • Broken screen? Visit the place for a heavenly repair session of your expensive device
  • Cost effectiveness, because yes, Bargaining fetches you great deals at this place
  • Choice of option as hundreds of shops selling same stuff competes to deliver
  • Nothing but the best you get, as competent stores attract customers
  • Warranty, Guarantee, Servicing, Repair, You need it, they’ve got it folks!

Dedicated Market for Mobiles in Chandigarh, wait WHAT ???

What do you think about the urban planning and development of city like Chandigarh ? We have market spaces dedicated for selling of one thing they are best at. They don’t fear competition because they know they all have “better than the best” if it exists in the world for you. So, Chandigarh has flower market in 35, electrical market in 18, food hub in 8, shopping spree area in 17. There’s no harm having a dedicated commercial hub for “mobiles” in 22, Chandigarh you see, that drives the modern day world in today’s era.

Yeah, one may feel its called bragging. But, we feel “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” because if you won’t somebody else would. There’s no harm to boast about areas of your expertise when you know you’ve got “Nothing but the best.” The article started with “If you are a Chandigarhian” simply to end on a note that, “Even if you ain’t doesn’t matter, Mobile Market in Chandigarh is the place to be at” when you think of updating your smartphones at the best “deal to die for” price without burning your pockets.

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