A Tea Stall Turns Into A Tourist Spot | Yes, Its The PM Modi One

Yes, guys, there can only be one tea stall in India that can get the title of a “tourist spot” by the Central Government, the PM Narendra Modi one where he sold tea in his childhood years. The stall is located in Vadnagar city of Mehsana district in Gujarat which is also the birthplace of PM Modi. The whole idea behind declaring the tea stall a tourist spot is to put PM Modi’s birthplace city of Vadnagar on the world tourism map. The decision of declaring the tea stall as a tourist spot was made by the Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma.

From A Tea Stall To A Tourist Spot

When somebody becomes famous in the eyes of public everything that he touches or touched becomes equivalent to gold. And that’s what has happened in the case of that tea stall of Vadnagar where our nation’s 14th Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked as a tea seller in his younger years. Just as the fate of that young boy selling tea in a humble town changed, the tea stall where he sold tea will also see a change of fate and will turn into a tourist spot.

The Government of India has decided that it will try to give the tea stall a bit of modern touch while keeping its original charm untouched while making it a tourist spot. People come to places like these only when they haven’t lost their real essence and are well kept. Previously, Vadnagar has been famous for its “step-well” and the Sharmishtha lake, but now it will have one more great reason to bring people to this historic city of Gujarat.

Development Of Vadnagar, Gujarat

Since now it holds a lot of significance because of being the birthplace of our Narendra Modi who is our nation’s Prime Minister and also one of the most influential people of the world, Vadnagar is going to get some serious developmental changes in the coming years. The Cental Government of India is taking care of the huge development project in the city to help it become one of the most famous tourist places.

Developing the city of Vadnagar will cost around Rs 100 crore and the Ministry of Tourism has already lent a sum of Rs 8 crore to the tourism department of Gujarat to develop the railway stations of Vadnagar, Patan, and Modhera. The development project will also bring up facilities for tourists who will visit the place.

Source: IndianExpress




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