Mohali Bans Kites Flying Around Chandigarh International Airport

Mohali administration has imposed a ban on flying kites and sky lanterns within 2 km radius outside the boundary of Chandigarh International Airport. The ban has been imposed till 22nd February 2017. Taking into consideration the safety of flights and passengers, the decision has been taken by the administration. After the functioning of the Chandigarh International Airport everyday some or the either decision has been made to ensure the security of the airport and the passengers.

Why kites have been banned?

The ban has been imposed for the security reasons in or nearby airport, so that to minimize the possibility of mishappenings. After the request letter of the civil aviation department stating that the kites and sky lanterns could be a danger for the planes and should be banned with immediate effect.

  • It may happen that kites may come in contact with the engine of the planes.
  • It may create problems for the pilots to see flight paths.
  • It may cause accidents
  • It can also be a trouble for plane landing and taking off.

Mohali administration has issued an order to impose the ban as soon as possible. And the directions are also given to the police officials to look whether the ban has been implemented properly or not.

Action against the violator

The ban on flying kites and sky lanterns have to been imposed withing the 2 km of radius of Chandigarh International Airport for the sake of security reasons of the passengers. Whosoever will be caught violating the decision of Mohali administration will be charged with a heavy fine.  The ban has been imposed under Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Court.

Although it’s a good decision in terms of security reason, but some more decisions have to be made by the administration. Till now the meat shopkeepers near the airport used to throw waste in open air that attracts birds, it is also one of the major danger for the planes. It is expected that the another decision will be made to tackle this problem.


Gurjit Kaur

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