Mohali is The Cleanest City Of Punjab | Swatch Sarvekshan Survey 2017

Good news for Mohali’s cleanliness. The city has been ranked as the most cleanest city in Punjab. Rs. 3.73 lakhs are being spent on a daily basis to maintain cleanliness in Mohali. However, even after spending so much money, Mohali is ranked at 121st position overall in the Swachh Sarvekshan-2017. But, the good news is that Mohali is the cleanest city of Punjab.

Seeing the brighter side after the rankings were declared, the Mohali MC authorities said that it is good as Mohali has been declared as Punjab’s cleanest state but they will be making more efforts so that the Mohali can improve it’s overall ranking.

Mohali – The Cleanest City Of Punjab 

The cleanest city of Punjab got an overall score of 1,193. Out of the score of 1,193, the city got 478 in self-declaration category, 337 in on-site observation and 378 in the feedback from the citizens of Mohali.

The main reason that Mohali was ranked at the 121st position was lack of dumping yard and not making Mohali open defecation-free. However, Mohali had almost become a total open defecation-free city and the work of constructing a dumping yard will be starting very soon.

Poor Implementation In Mohali 

The Akali government had started mechanised sweeping in Punjab and Mohali was the first city where it started on 6 August, 2015. The Akali government said that they will be making Mohali the cleanest town of India within a month.

A private company was hired for Rs. 13.51 crore per annum for the same. The government and the company’s contract still continues and not much improvement has been seen in the cleanliness of the city.

What Everyone Had To Say About Mohali’s Ranking

The MLA said that he was happy even though Mohali was ranked at 121st position. He was happy because Mohali is the cleanest city of Punjab.

The Mayor said that they will make sure to overcome all the cleanliness problems and Mohali’s results will improve next time.

The Mohali MC Commissioner said that the city will be open defecation-free within 2 months. Mohali will be having a garbage processing plant soon in Dera Bassi.

The Akali leader said that he was really happy that Mohali is the cleanest city of Punjab. He also said that the city needs a lot of improvements as the residents are disappointed looking at the city’s overall ranking.

The Congress MC Councillor said that they are making a lot of efforts to match the cleanliness standards in Chandigarh.

Source: The Tribune , Image by Madan Kumar.


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