Mohali | Company Maintaining Toilets, Bins To Pay A Huge Amount To The MC

The Mohali Municipal Corporation will have to recover a huge amount of money.

The Mohali Municipal Corporation has been asked by the local court to recover Rs. 1.02 crore (Rs. 79.80 lakh + Rs. 22.40 Lakh) and 9% per annum interest as well from the date of filing the suit till the date of judgement. They have also been asked to recover the 6% per annum interest from the date of judgement – the realisation of the amount from the Outdoor Communication Private Limited, Delhi.

Mohali Municipal Corporation To Recover A Huge Amount

The court of Amit Thind, civil judge, Mohali has asked the Municipal Corporation to recover a huge amount of money where the MC filed suit for recovery of Rs. 2.88 crore. The amount to be recovered has been divided as following – Rs. 2.88 crore ( Principal Amount – Rs. 1.06 crore, Penalty of the damages -Rs. 1.82 crores at Rs. 500 per week).

Outdoor Communication PrivatE Limited, New Delhi has won contracts for the maintenance of garbage bins and the toilets against the Municipal Corporation of the tricity.

Maintenance Of Toilets And Garbage Bins In The City 

On June 11, 2005, the Municipal Corporation had issued advertisements in the newspaper that they want to renovate the bus queue shelter, build new bus queue shelters and would be maintaining the toilets and garbage collection centres. The companies having experience in this field were asked to submit their proposals, a number of companies did submit their proposals. The proposal given by Outdoor Communication Private Limited, New Delhi was found suitable.

On July 21, 2005, the MMC gave an allotment letter to Outdoor Communication Private Limited, New Delhi. The company had to deposit Rs. 4000 per toilet block and Rs. 3500 per garbage collection centre. They were asked to deposit the licence fee on or before 7th of every month.

As per an agreement, the company had to renovate 10 existing toilet blocks and had to pay Rs. 4,000 per month for each toilet block. They were asked to take care, maintain the existing 22 toilet blocks in the city and to also construct boundary wall on 3 sides and install iron shutter on one side of all the 40 existing garbage collection centres. As per the agreement, they were asked to pay Rs. 3500 per garbage collection centre to the Mohali Municipal Corporation.

Company’s Casual Attitude Towards The Maintenance

As per the terms and conditions, the company deposited Rs. 1.88 lakh as a security amount.The Mohali Municipal Corporation said that the company had a casual attitude towards the maintenance and they had started receiving a lot of complaints regarding the poor condition of toilet blocks and garbage collection centres.

The company wasn’t even regular in making payments of the licence fee.

Source: The Times Of India


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