Mohali Cremation Ground to Soon Get Electric Crematorium Worth Rs. 50 Lakh

An electric crematorium will soon be set up in Mohali. According to reports, the Chandigarh’s neighboring city Mohali is all set to have an electric crematorium. This electric crematorium will be set up at the cremation ground in Mohali. The Municipal Corporation Mohali has proposed to set up the electric crematorium at the cremation ground in Mohali. The electric crematorium is expected to be set at an estimated cost of Rs 50 to Rs 60 lakh.

Demand of electric crematorium at the cremation ground, Mohali

It was reported that residents in Mohali had been long demanding to equip the cremation ground in Mohali with an electric crematorium. It is believed, concerned over the global warming and reducing greenery on the planet more and more states are coming up with the electric crematorium option at the cremation grounds to make cremation ritual environment-friendly.

Finally, the demands of the Mohali residents to set up an electric crematorium at the cremation ground in Mohali as well as renovating it has been fulfilled and the Mohali Municipal Corporation has set forth a proposal of spending 65-75 lakh on the cremation ground wherein the Rs 50 to Rs 60 lakh and has been allocated for the electric crematorium and Rs 15 to Rs 16 lakh has been set aside for renovation of the ground.

Renovating the existing cremation ground in Mohali

Besides setting up the electric crematorium at the Mohali cremation ground, the Mohali Municipal Corporation is also planning to undertake major refurbishing works of the cremation ground. According to reports, this proposed renovation of the cremation ground is expected to be materialized at an expected expenditure of Rs 14 to Rs 15 lakh besides the proposed expenditure of Rs 50-60 lakh on the electric crematorium at the Mohali cremation ground.

In addition to the electric crematorium at the cremation ground in Mohali, the Municipal Corporation Mohali will also renovate the cremation ground. The renovation will include installation of more benches for the people visiting the cremation ground with the deceased. The parking area will also be increased to offer enough parking space. More sheds will be added for conducting prayers as well as performing last rites.

Source: Times of India


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